Monday, January 12, 2009

time to knuckle down....

Happy New Year to all!

Andrew and I welcomed a new baby niece over the holidays, and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new nephew sometime this week. It all makes me very excited to add to the growing herd of little cousins that should be running around at family gatherings in years to come.

I love resolutions - and personally I have several going for the New Year, but as far as adoption stuff goes we mostly have the big one of adding a child to our family. That may not be realistic, wait times vary so much that we could be holding a baby as soon as March or as late as a year after that, but the next concrete step for us is to complete our profile book and get out there.

A profile book is the document/photo album that is the first peek at us expecting moms will have, and it will contain pictures and descriptions of us, our relationship, our lifestyle and neighborhood, extended family, and our hobbies. It's also a place for us to compose some words just for the reader, about the place she might have in our life going forward if she is the one to choose us. The green piece of paper our agency handed us with advice on putting it together helpfully noted that it should have lots of pictures because the pictures are what will make us stand out from other couples, and most of the expecting moms look at the pictures first. But, the paper continued helpfully, the words will become very important to the woman who eventually does pick us, so they need to stand the test of time as well. Thanks green paper! Message received: this thing better be awesome. No pressure, though!

It is nice to have a project, though. And this one will be fun. I know that fairly soon the book will be finished, the homestudy will be filed, and our profile will be out there. Hopefully we'll also have finances figured out by then, and there will be nothing to do but wait.

And blog, of course.


  1. AHAHAAA... The BOOK. For Boy #2, we threw ours together in a day because an agency near us was running a 'no fee for children of color' special. It was crazy and we got help from a friend who loves to scrapbook and loved the challenge of ... 4 hours to get it all done.

    We were selected a couple of times for phone interviews but lots of younger girls want their children to be "onlies" or the oldest. We already had one boy.

    Once you get your book, make .pdf so you can send it and your intro info to any posting you see at or Once some of those caseworkers realize you are looking for a child of color, the phone calls will start. We turned down 7 before my husband heard about a boy in Memphis and said "Yep, that's our son" and off we went (yeah yeah, after the paperwork nightmare, the wire transfer of fees, etc. etc.) but you get my point.

    Our birthmom LOVED the scrapbook but we have really open adoptions so she gets pics and emails from us all the time. (She lives 13 hours away).

    Just be real. Be who you are... not too rich; not too poor. Not too fancy; not too plain. Lots of friends and family (this is VERY important) and lots of things that show who you are: will you take Kiddo hiking with you? show it. Like to swim and scuba? Show it. Will Kiddo help bake cookies because his 10 young cousins get to? Show it. Big family picnic? Oh... show it. Our birthmoms LOVE LOVE LOVE that our boys have been completely accepted by their extended families and friends.

    Ah well, before I take up all your comment space, I'll close. Feel free to email me if you have other questions:
    mrsfan8403 at hotmail dot com

  2. such wonderful advice, THANK YOU! We're using a digital scrapbooking software that makes making a pdf easy. You are probably lucky you had to do yours in a hurry, I could see us obsessing over this forever if we're not careful!