Friday, February 20, 2009

It's not like there's nothing else to keep me busy...

While we're waiting, there is plenty to do. In fact, Andrew and I are both full-steam-ahead on several projects, both together and individually. He has the band and will be starting school in April, writes for a couple blogs and is producing a rock show in early March. I am applying for grad school, working more than full time, and keeping up with my priest-in-training duties. One of my favorite parts of being in formation at our particular parish, where I am also now Lay Pastor for Children and Families (yay titles!!), is that I get to preach now and again. Most of these opportunities are simple 5-7 minutes homilies during our shorter mid-week masses. I had one such opportunity last night, and found myself naturally reflecting not only on the lectionary scripture for the day but also on much of my own journey in this whole adoption business so far. If you are interested, I posted my homily on my non-adoption blog, here.

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