Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Project Updates!

I am coming off a jam-packed exhausting and wonderful weekend of meetings followed by company followed by church followed by meetings followed by more company followed by work followed by meetings. Whenever I come to the end of a jag of activity like this and face a couple wide open evenings with no plans I feel a little confused. So I thought I'd review and update on my various summer pre-baby projects to help get myself oriented to a slightly less programmed week.

Ongoing Projects
Couch to 5K: Okay, I'd be lying if I said this project is still going gangbusters, but I'm proud to say I haven't let it die completely. I'm averaging three runs every 1.2 weeks. ish. I need to step this up. The great thing about following this running plan is that I can repeat steps when I'm not ready to amp it up. So I'm holding steady somewhere in week five at the moment, and I am hoping to make it to week 6 at the beginning of next week. I have noticed major changes in my energy and stamina, and this is motivating for me to continue to work at this. I have also learned that if I don't run first thing in the morning it's not going to happen, and that I don't like running on a track. It's boring. I have discovered that I can run to NPR podcasts just as well as I can to music, and that Andrew is pretty kick-ass when it comes to making this-is-your-run playlists for me.

Career Development: This is most of what I've been up to the past couple of months. I finally turned in my grad school application, and am waiting for an interview date. I completed my second solo consultation yesterday, facilitating a very productive meeting with one of the sweetest vestry groups I've had the pleasure to encounter. I keep learning tons about my chosen profession, and it all makes me more and more excited to be a priest someday. I know that once we get our wee one I won't be able to do many of these extra projects with other parishes for a while, so I'm soaking up all the experience I can now.

The Reading List. So back when I made my original post I was thinking about tackling many of the adoption and parenting related books that I have piling up on my library card and nightstand. I haven't really done that. Instead, I've found myself immersed in fiction, specifically science fiction written by women. It's awesome. I will get back to the non-fic stuff soon. I think it's a healthy thing for me to take a step back from the full immersion I was pursuing for a while at the beginning of the wait. Everything was baby ALL THE TIME!!! Someday soonish that will be the reality like-it-or-not. So while I haven't any adoption related reviews for you (yet) I can heartily recommend The Margarets by Sheri Tepper and Life by Gwenyth Jones. I am currently far enough in to Children of Men to tell that I'm going to like it as well.

New Projects
Make my Own Dressform. I'm an on and off sewer, and spring is when the bug usually hits me to hit up the fabric stores and take a run at sewing pretty clothes for myself. I've been thinking wistfully for a year or two about buying a dressform, one of those fancy adjustable busts that helps with sizing something to fit as you sew. Unfortunately they are just too expensive to invest in for a hot-and-cold hobby, which is what sewing is for me. One of the times I was bemoaning this Andrew, who is DIY to the core in a way that I am not(yet), noted that the internet probably knows how to make one for cheap. A quick google search later he was proved right! There are a lot of ideas out there on the webs, but we're going to give this one a try, hopefully this weekend. I'll post pics.

Redecorate Bedroom. Okay, not completely. But I've been reading a bit on Montessori-style parenting, and I want to rework the bedroom to fall more in line with those ideas of baby-friendliness. I also have an idea for some cheap, fun customized wall art that I won't go into detail about here in case it's a bust, but will post pics of if all goes according to plan.

Go Raw for Summer Last summer A+A "went raw" which actually means went about 75% raw in diet for the summer. This morning we decided to do it again this year, with gusto. We have The Raw Food Detox Diet book, and we use it as a resource all year long. In the cold, wet Seattle winters it's just not realistic to keep up a diet of mostly uncooked food. I need hot soup and comfort food. But now that spring has sprung Andrew and I are both feeling the lure of raw carrot soup, super smoothies, raw phad tie and guacamole salad. We will still eat cooked foods for dinner fairly often, it's bbq season after all, but within the next few weeks processed and frozen food will disappear from our kitchen. I'm excited, even though this means future cupcake projects will be put on hold 'til fall.


  1. good for you! so many positive adventures!
    i'm finally able to walk again after my mysterious knee ailment, so we'll be back to running again soon. sounds like you're doing really well. i think we have similar (geeky) tastes in books so i'm probably going to hijack some titles from you (i'm finishing up the obama dreams of my father book right now). more info on this montessori-style parenting stuff!! curious!!
    ooh we've been having green smoothies every morning.. YUM! i can't wait to get to GA and the farmers markets!!

  2. You're gonna love love LOVE having farmer's markets and super fresh produce at hand, lady. I'm just learning about montessori parenting but I'm sure there's a post coming about it never fear..


  3. All kinds of sunny things for spring. Good luck with the dress form. I can un-hem and re-hem like a pro, but I'd love to do more.