Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekend Projects

What a wonderful weekend! As you may remember I planned carefully and arranged to have zero committed time other than church this three day weekend and it was amazing. A lovely little stay-cation. Also, I got things done. Or one thing.

I really only got one project from my list moved along towards completion, but it turned out better than I had expected. I'm in the middle of redesigning our bedroom to be a shared space with baby, and it's been a fruitful process so far. While there are plenty of resources for nursery decoration and lots of inspiration to be found on the internets and elsewhere I haven't found a lot that is useful for a shared bedroom space. I want the room to be a place where grown-ups can feel comfortable, but I also want it to be a fun playspace for kiddo. Since our home is small we live in the entire thing, there's no shutting the bedroom door when we entertain as usually the party will spill over into that space as well. And that's how we like it. It's good motivation to keep a neat and organized home. (and I have to give a shout-out to Apartment Therapy and Ohdeedoh, my favorite sites for small-space decor and usability ideas.)

So I decided the bedroom would be more whimsical than the other living areas, but needed to remain relevant to us. And no gendered baby decor - I resist that sort of thing on principle anyway, but since the space is shared it is even less practical.

SO. I had an idea, after looking at some local art in a coffee shop, and decided to try it out. Saturday afternoon we walked all over town getting my ingredients:
Old vinyl records, gesso, acrylic paints and brushes.

First the gesso, to prep the surface.

Then I painted!! I bought primary colors with the intention to mix them, but the green and purple ended up not working with what I had in mind, so I painted them over with red and yellow.

Once the records were painted Andrew and I decided on some images that we like, that represent us well and would be fun to stencil onto the records. Here's what we've come up with so far:
Cassette, because we can both remember real mixtapes.

Those two for obvious reasons

And this is an image that our baby will learn to recognize long before he or she knows how to speak, most likely:

Because s/he'll see it, among other places, on her mama's arm:

These should go up on the wall soon, and I think will fit very well with the old show posters, and the lovely sweet painting I bought last year that felt so much like us I had to have it:

The artist is Megan Marie Myers, go look at her stuff it's heartbreaking and adorable.

So now it's back to work. I don't mind. The last three days' loveliness will last me a good long while.


  1. Love you Beth!!! Your baby-to-be is so lucky!

  2. Really cool! I can't wait to see it all done - you'll have to take photos!