Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pom Pom

This is Andrew's grandmother, Pom-Pom. She is my garden guru, our constant cheerleader and is just as salty and wonderful and dear as she looks.

She left us this morning, after a long battle with emphezema. I am so sad that our kids won't get to know her. I will miss watching the flowers bloom with her each year, and hearing about the names and histories of each of her mother's rose bushes, which still grow all around her home. I will miss eating way too many of her cookies, because they're just too good to stop. I didn't know her as long or as well as my husband and in-laws did, but my life is poorer now that her dear raspy cackle of a laugh has gone out of it. If you are one who prays please keep her son, Andrew's father, and the rest of us who love her in your prayers. She lived life. May we all be so bold.