Tuesday, July 28, 2009


It's hot in Seattle.

I know, I know, I know. My readers from other parts of the country, perhaps especially my California people who know that I haven't always been a denizen of the ever moderate Pacific Northwest, will be rolling your eyes. I know, it's 100 degrees or more for months at a time where you live.

We get the same dismissal as giant wimps when it snows here and the entire city digs in and shuts down. Seattle is just not prepared for extreme weather. We don't own snow tires and we don't have air conditioned homes. Many of us don't have air conditioned work places either, which is why there are shops and restaurants all over the city closing because the temperature is 97 degrees today.

I work at a hospital so obviously we have air conditioning. But at home my poor husband and cats are struggling. Cats can't sweat and don't pant to cool off like dogs, so their only recourse is to cease all movement. Andrew and I have decided that this is a good strategy for us, as well.

But one nice thing about the heat and sunshine is that our back-alley garden, while needing plenty of water, is thriving!

Do you see? RED tomatoes!! The last year we had a garden out on the peninsula our tomatoes never turned red. There just wasn't enough sustained sunshine that year. It's not even August yet! In addition to the tomato plant we're also eating zucchinis already, and watching the cucumbers and watermelon grow. Andrew is holding out hope for the two corns he planted in a window box on a whim, but while they have shot up in the heatwave I'm just not sure corn works like that. Shh. Don't tell him. It's super cute.

The dahlias are also blooming away:

I can't wait for them to ALL be covered in flowers.

In adoption news, we are finally done with a whole new round of paperwork to add two more agencies to our WACAP roster, and tonight I'll make a couple updates to the profile books to be sent to them. It's been almost six months of waiting, so far, and things have changed. All in all we're in a much better place than we were six months ago, which leaves me certain that whenever baby a+a arrives, we'll be in good shape.

Provided we don't die from melting, first.

It's hot in Seattle!


  1. It's HOT here in TX too but I suppose I'm supposed to be used to it but growing up in the NE, I miss my seasons.

    Sounds like this 6 months has been good to get to this place where you know you'll be ready. Although I'm sure you would have been before but it's always nice to see yourself grow during the wait.

    Thank you so much for your recent comments. I really appreciate them. If you have a minute I'd like to email you further about it a little. My email should be the return on this comment.

  2. It's funny b/c our early summer was so cloudy our tomatoes are short and disappointing!

  3. Yeah, it IS hot. My husband becomes like your cat - pretty much immobile. It's funny, we have acclimated to wet TEMPERATE weather, we put up with winters (and falls and springs) that would make most people complain or attempt suicide, but give us 97 degrees and we're toast.

  4. I never realized what a difference it is between the East Coast (KY in particular) and the West Coast (Seattle in particular). We have picking red tomatoes off our plants for over a month! While we have sunshine I believe the Seattle rain has settled in over our area. It has rained the entire month of July which is not good since it means floods!
    I've been reading every blog you post via e-mail (as a subscriber). I just realized I could respond!
    6 months down in the Adoption. That is great! I know it doesn't sound that way and the waiting can be confusing, but any time now.. any time now.. You and Andrew have completed your waiting time which has allowed each of you to ponder and wonder. Reflection is a good thing. Now bring on baby a+a!