Thursday, July 9, 2009

not that I'm counting..

...but the ticker marks five months today.

It's a respectable amount of time. Not too long - there are parents who wait much much longer. But not short. If we get picked tomorrow, we'll still have earned it, we'll have waited plenty.

And tomorrow is not going to be the day.

I don't have a lot of other stuff to say tonight. It's been a good day, a better-than-yesterday day. We went to a baseball game and our often unreliable team won. It's warm for Seattle, and we walked home holding hands and enjoying the breeze. I didn't even shiver.

We decided to add another agency to our list, this one in Florida. I've been dawdling on the paperwork since before Andrew went to Japan. I keep thinking that we'll get picked and I won't have to finish up this next round of signatures and notary certifications. It's a long application. It feels very January 2009 to me.

But looking at the ticker, I feel like this is the weekend we'll get it done and turn it in. Five months is long enough. We can't afford to dawdle.

I should mention how lovely our Liz is. She probably makes everyone feel this way, but I feel like she's rooting extra hard for us. She gets us, and how much we want to be parents, and that we really do have something to offer. I feel like she is disappointed too, whenever she has to write me that a birth mom has chosen another family. That matters alot when I'm down, and her confidence makes me grin when I'm not. If you ever do this, make sure you've got a Liz.

It's only been five months. Not that I'm counting.


  1. i've got my fingers & toes crossed for you. every time i see you have a new post, i hope it's the one! soon!! very soon!! {hugs}

  2. One of the cool things about adopting is re-telling (like a hundred million gazillion times) your When I Got The Call story. Where you were, what you were doing, what you said, what happened next, etc.

    I got very discouraged while waiting for our son (our second adoption), and I used to remind myself that no matter how long it takes, our second child's Call story will be enchanting and glorious and worth waiting for. And it was. Yours will be, too.

  3. I am so looking forward to hearing the news that the call has come!! You and A will be such incredible parents, and I am excited for you both.

  4. While I know it's hard just remember that as the sun sets each day you ARE 1 day closer to your child.
    I hope you don't need that other agency.