Monday, August 10, 2009

moving along

My attention has been elsewhere the past few days - thinking about school and ordering books, working on freelance projects and Godly Play stuffs.

I had the honor of preaching this past Sunday at church, part of my role at St. Paul's, and the text is on my other blog here.

Seattle has remembered her identity this past week, and treated us to the clouds and rain temperate thermostat that we are more familiar with. Usually this sort of weather happens in June and July, but things seem to be topsy-turvy this year.

Andrew and I are half-planning a vacation for labor day weekend that will definitely include camping in Northern California and may also include a visit to Sacramento and/or San Francisco. I say half-planning because of course it would be nice to have that plan superseded by a trip to, oh, Texas or Georgia or Florida or Mississippi.


  1. yay for California camping trips! i'm sure you know just where to go, but may i recommend Whiskeytown Lake (beautiful & cheap kayak rentals) and Stewart hot springs, i'm hoping to hit both of those places on a road trip later this month. they're amazing!

  2. Oh I hope you end up in TX. Would be fun if you were near us. Hoping all your plans are ruined!!

  3. Thinking of you! I miss the Original ILCs.