Friday, September 18, 2009

an addendum and also something just for fun (Adoption-free Fridays)

An open adoption blogger whom I admire does something she calls "Adoption Free Fridays" where she posts on whatever she wants *but not adoption stuffs* every Friday.

I like this idea, and so in the vein of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery I am going to copy her.

**But first, a note from the editor: I've added a new widget to the blog ----> over on the side there. In it are links to items from my Google Reader that I think are interesting enough to share with people. (Google Reader has a social networking aspect to it, where you can connect with people and "share" interesting stuff that will then show up on their readers and vice versa.) I just want to note that when I *share* an article it can mean it is about something really awesome that I love. Technology/sci-fi/pop culture/humor/cat videos/Wil Wheaton, all these are categories that such shared posts may fall into. Or, it might have content that I find thought-provoking on a topic about which I am interested in, learning about, or passionate about. Adoption/feminism/politics/theology/human rights are the usual broad categories there. I don't necessarily agree with every word of everything I share - I like to read blogs whose views resonate with my own as well as those that challenge my worldview. So. The views expressed in the posts represented in the new widget on the sidebar there do not necessarily reflect the views of this writer. But she does find them, at the minimum, thought provoking and/or entertaining.**

Now, for the fun. It's fall, which means school is starting, leaves will begin to turn, crochet hooks must come out and it is time for fall television. I love television. I am not ashamed of this. However, I am beginning to suspect that my ambitious plans for life might interfere with my t.v. schedule for fall. So I'm going to write down the shows I want to watch, grouped into new shows for fall and returning shows that I am already invested in. I'll check back in December and see who's been kicked off the island.

New shows I want to check out:
Flash Forward
It's not a very long list. But realistically, once you see my shows I am already invested in list you'll understand why two is, possibly, too many. V attracts me mostly because of the actors involved - the miniseries scared me as a kid. Plus it seems like something Andrew might like and it is hard to find shows he will try to watch. He's more of a movie guy. Flash Forward I actually find interesting because of its premise - every person in the world simultaneously experiences a glimpse of their personal life 6 months in the future. Interesting, right? There's a lot of really cool ethical and philosophical stuff that could be done with that.

Old shows I am waiting with baited breath for:
How I Met Your Mother
Grey's Anatomy
Scrubs (this is sort of a new show and an old show and I am feeling rather "eh" about it but I am nothing if not loyal.)

I ranked these in order of how excited I am. Which is to say, I am pretty sure that Scrubs and Grey's are in danger of getting kicked of the island unless they are really mind-blowingly smart and funny this year. HIMYM, on the other hand, has the distinct one-two-punch advantage of Neil Patrick Harris (♥♥♥)and being only 20 minutes long not counting commercials.

Also, I have this lingering feeling that I should be watching Fringe, but I just haven't gotten into it.

What are you watching this fall? (I know, those of you who are actively parenting are laughing at me. If we get our baby all the shows are going to be off the island! Except HIMYM. Babies nap for at least 25 minutes right?)


  1. Beth, we have very similar tastes in shows! We LOVE HIMYM! It is a must-see at our house, too. We're also into House and Scrubs (whenever we happen to catch them.) We also watch The Office and we saw Community last night - pretty good. Believe me, with a newborn, a DVR is your friend because you will spend a lot of time sacked out on the couch in the feed,burp,change,nap routine.

  2. Super excited about Dollhouse!

    Also, good thoughts on Google Reader.

  3. We recently got rid of cable, but thanks to Hulu and netflicks I watch just as much tv as ever, but now I watch it at night when Phinney is sleeping. :) The only current shows I'm following are The Office, 30 Rock, and Project Runway.

    On Netflicks I am currently obsessed with 6 Feet Under. It is amazing, intense, and funny, and I'm almost done with the whole series. Kelly and I have also gotten really into Entourage, but I think we are almost caught up with that too. We just started watching Weeds, which is good and I think will only get better.

    And I agree, newborns give you plenty of time to watch TV. However, that time is usually between about 2-5am... :)

  4. Ditto on all of those, except Grey's Anatomy, and with the same caveat about the 'new' Scrubs. Oh, and add in Big Bang Theory, which is just the funniest show ever.

  5. hey, i'm a friend of emily's, and just wanted to say CONGRATS and i really hope everything works out! i'll be hoping & praying for you guys from Alaska!


  6. ahh that was supposed to be on the next post, about getting a match!! oops. :) but yay for the shows too

  7. haha, Rhi, thank you so much! And welcome. :) Any friend of Emily's is a friend here, too.

  8. Okay, did you know that I LOVE How I Met Your Mother ALMOST as much as I love NPH???

    Like I LOVE him - and the show is legendary!!!

    (I was too excited to even throw a "wait for it" in there!)

    Oh, and as I write this, I'm pretending I didn't see that you've got a MATCH!!!! Ahhhh! (Okay, pretending didn't go so great there!!! CONGRATS!!!!)

    And believe me - the Friday before a visit? My blog is anything BUT adoption free, so no harm there!!! :)

  9. So you will be watching the Emmys tonight I presume??? Yes, that show is amazing and intelligent, so it comes as no shock to me that you love it. ;) and thank you! things are exciting right now!!