Friday, September 25, 2009

No News IS Good News

As my dear friend Cassie noted on yesterday's entry, no news is good news.

V called last night while I was in class, and while Google Voice transcription isn't perfect it did manage to correctly transcribe "Everything is on track." So I immediately felt better.

We chatted this morning, and V continues to be just wonderful. I know she has a lot on her plate, but she was careful to emphasize that whenever there is any news she will contact me, so I shouldn't worry if I don't hear from her. At the same time, I can call her as often as I would like. She shared with me that she is an adoptive parent, and so she really does get what I'm going through. Intellectually I knew that probably everything was fine and she would tell me if it wasn't, but it was good to hear it said aloud. V also mentioned that Y will want to talk to us more over the next few weeks, to maintain a connection to us and that makes me feel good. I wish I could talk to her every day, to be honest.

It's looking like baby's due date might get pushed back by another week, but we'll know more about that after Monday when Y has another ultrasound.

Tomorrow we are headed up to my brother's to go "shopping" for baby clothes and necessities in his' kids stuff, which will be fun. They have been saving all of our niece's (who is now three years old) baby clothes for us in case we ended up with a girl. And since their baby boy is now almost eight months old (how that happened I will never know!) we'll probably walk away with some of his gender neutral items as well.

We're discouraging any gifts or showers until baby J is home and settled and ours, but I am letting my mom buy me a diaper bag. I'll be getting one of these, a local company owned by a good friend whose bags I have seen in action. They rock, and I am stoked to getting one! Now if Andrew and I could just agree on a fabric choice....

Other than that - I have two papers to write and a couple hundred pages of theology to read this weekend, some website design projects to complete, and of course some serious television to catch up on. I have yet to watch the series' premieres of House, FlashForward, or Grey's!

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. I would go with the Shiba Sweet Potato fabric. Cute and gender neutral enough that Andrew wouldn't look like he was rocking a man purse, well maybe a little, but not a lot.

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  4. thanks for the note everyone!
    edited that. SIGH.
    Obviously I need to proof better.

  5. sounds good!!
    ohmygod i LOVE that bag.. and the fabric choices are amazing!!! :)

  6. If that's the case, I'll be hoping for no news these next few weeks!

  7. oh limbo, sigh... I agree sweet potato is a great choice. Have you started a library for wee J?

  8. Juliet, we haven't! Well we have one book about making pancakes that we read to our neice and nephew when they are over but that is it. Suggestions??

  9. Glad you heard from V and that everything is on track. Anxious to hear how Y's appointment goes on Monday.

  10. Always happy to pass along tired and trite time-honored cliches! :-D

    But seriously, I'm glad it helped a bit. :-) Also, I've never wanted a diaper bag before. Ha! Those are so cute. I'm a sucker for brown & blue together, and damask patterns, so my choice is obvious, but yeah... not super gender neutral if dad will be carrying it around as well.

  11. We ended up deciding on the olive houndstooth - a classic print that can be carried by either parent without shame!