Saturday, October 31, 2009

new camera

This may look like a blog post, but actually I am writing a paper right now. (I promise that while my fingers are typing this my brain is busily working away on feminist theology!!)

So, a couple weeks ago I made a somewhat rash decision to buy a very nice camera. Not the one I linked to a while back but something similar. I was a little disappointed when it didn't come in time to go to Atlanta with us, although that doesn't matter now.

But it did get here this week! And in absence of a baby, I am forced to hone my photography skills on my innocent cats.

And yes, internet, I will be inflicting the results upon you. (c'mon, everybody loves kitteh pictures, right?)
Sam and P both standing ready to defend themselves from this terrifying new device.

My shoes are Sam's security objects. I expect once we get a baby he will make every effort to move into them permanently.

This is the best picture I've taken so far. Penelope is over her fear of the camera and this is the real P. I wake up to this expression almost daily, it means "pleaaaaaaaaase wave that feather thing, I NEEDS IT!!"

That was fun, wasn't it Internet? Okay, back to eating candy corn and writing about the ontological question, God, and womanity!


  1. You're a fellow feminist seminary geek? I knew there was a reason I liked you. :)

  2. What kind of camera did you end up buying?

  3. Heather - I am! I write every once and a while (not often) here about theology related things. :) I knew there was a reason I liked you, too. ♥

    Sarah - we got a canon rebel t1. it was ridiculously expensive (or felt like it) but it has both quality slr digital shooting and hd we love it!