Sunday, October 18, 2009

our boodlebag

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, my mom splurged and bought me a super special made-to-order diaper bag and we got it today! It's a boodlebag, a company that my friend and fellow parishioner Angela designs for. She brought it to church this morning and I. LOVE. IT. Andrew is also a fan, which is good because he basically picked the fabric. (I also really love the fabric, however.)

We both modeled it a bit today:

I think it is adorable, perfect, and works suitably for either of us, which is what we wanted. ♥

We're also going to be stoked that it stands up on its own, comes with a matching changing pad that holds diapers and wipes AND that it is all completely machine washable. I already love that it was designed and made locally. By an adorable work-from-home mom, no less!

And, because I'm feeling photo-y and also like bragging about the amazing creative people in my life I'll share my favorite pictures of us from a wedding we went to a couple weeks ago. It's what I'm holding in my mind as another "last" for us, the last time we'll get all dressed up before the baby(maybe). These pictures capture what the day felt like, filled with promise and laughter and light.

Photos by our friend and neighbor, M. The dress was made just for me by Ruthie from Ruthie's Uniform.

I don't for a moment forget how lucky and spoiled we are. Regardless of what the next few weeks bring, we love our people and our life. (that means you♥)


  1. love it!!
    and you guys are way too cute :)

  2. Hello! (in love with this bag! the best part is that it is machine washable. mine is seriously starting to stink ...shoulda, woulda, coulda gotten one of these bad boys. so cool. anyway...)

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  3. Love the pictures Beth!! You look gorgeous (so does Andrew) in the wedding photos!!

    ♥ Meg

  4. Love the photos - what a cool bag and a beautiful dress (and cute couple!).

  5. Love the bag and LOVE the pictures of you two. You're so cute!

  6. ...continuing to be amazed by you guys! I'm glad you are having some beautiful times together during these last few weeks...;). (I much approve of the bag too!)

  7. Great diaper bag! I also loved your last post of all your goodies that you've gathered. You are set! One thing that we really like -- I'm not sure what your plans are for baby's sleeping -- is a "sleep positioner" that we put between us at night. Not one of the big ones that's like a mini-bed, it's literally just little bumpers. We have a queen, and it holds her snuggly and keeps her on her back. When she gets squirmy or fussy, we just tuck her in close to us, then when she goes back to sleep, we put her back in the bumpers and then all 3 of us sleep well - close together but each with our own space. Just a suggestion. :-)

  8. Those are great pictures and you both look fantastic all done up, that really is a beautiful dress. I am so pleased to see you both continuing to get ready for such a potentially huge and joyful thing. I am sending heaps of positive thoughts your way. Thanks for keeping us all up to date, it is a privilege to be waiting with you (I haven't been able to check in here for a while and I'm always excited to see you how you're all doing).