Saturday, October 17, 2009

taking stock

My lovely Mother-in-law came over today and we took stock. She was a little surprised to see how set up we are for clothes already.

So far, and this is just newborn sizes, we've got:

14 onesies, some long sleeve some short sleeve and in various colors.

8 pairs of jammies.

4 of those thingies that have arms at the top and are just a little sack at the bottom.

4 receiving blankets.

1 lovingly knitted rainbow baby blanket from Grandma Sue.

1 changing pad, 3 changing pad covers and a stack of those things that apparently go under the baby's little behind to catch messes and keep the changing pad covers as clean as possible.

I want to pause here to say how amazing it is to have a brother with kids and a wife who keeps stuff around. They have pretty much singlehandedly clothed our child for her first year of life. (Andrew notes that the clothing selection is woefully short on rock t-shirts and converse however. I tell him that this is why we register for stuff and baby will do just fine in regular booties until January or so when we have a shower.)

In addition we have enough small prefold diapers and covers to take us to 12-15 pounds.

MIL helped with inventory today and then we shopped and returned with the following:

burp rags
a lidded garbage can to serve as diaper pail
a box of Pampers newborn swaddler diapers to use in GA.
teensie fingernail clippers
wipe warmer
swaddling blanket thingy
2 born free bottles
2 pacifiers like from the hospital
oh, and because it is absolutely necessary, this:

It's a little baby snowman suit/sack thingy!! Modeled fetchingly by "Uncle" Jayme who is over currently for some television and cookies.

So...we're pretty much set, right?

And! We got ultrasound pics in the mail today. It is pretty amazing to have these first pictures of baby J, even if we did need to immediately scan them and email the files to Grandma Nancy. She is an ultrasound tech, and so was able to explain to us that there are two pictures of baby J's face, one of her profile, and a few that, um, prove she is a girl. So at least I won't be waving those around too much!

Okay - time for Saturday night relaxing. We feel loved and lucky. ♥


  1. Sounds like you're doing great! You might need more than two bottles though. But other than that, it sounds like you're all set!

  2. Maybe one upside of waiting so long for the final step in the adoption process is that you get more time to prepare? Hoping you are able to find some enjoyment in this part, in spite of any uncertainty.

    Oh, and I totally used to turn my nose down at the baby wipe warmer thinking it was a little excessive, but now I'm a believer.

  3. oh yes! Carrie you're right...we're actually expecting a few hand-me-down bottles to arrive in the next week. Someone in babies 'r us said that we should have six bottles...does that sound right?

  4. You sound set! Have you considered using cloth wipes (after you get home that is)? You don't need anything fancy, I've become a big fan...

  5. yes!! oh and I should have mentioned how many of those onesies came from YOU! &hearts♥

    but yes, Kari, I think we are going to use cloth wipes as well eventually.

  6. Love the snowman suit! How exciting to have all that stuff ready to go! Have you considered some first aid supplies? They make a little baby rectal thermometer (the Vicks one gets good reviews online), which I would think you would want to have on hand before you need it.