Sunday, November 29, 2009

Good Kitties.

We love our kittehs and, shockingly to some, our love for them has not diminished with the arrival of Baby J. They're being very helpful, however, by adjusting seamlessly to her presence. The night we arrived home with her Andrew put down the carseat, with her in it, and they both rushed up to see what was inside. Once they'd had a carefully supervised sniff Sam sauntered off for food and Penelope waited patiently for us to get the little person out of the seat so she could sit in it. They are also big fans of J's little floor-mat-gym-thingy, which Penelope is convinced we actually got for her.

We do need to watch Penelope closely, because she is pretty sure that it would feel good to sit on the new portable heater we've acquired:

I also had a great picture of Sam that I can't seem to find at the moment, where he's doing what is his new favorite thing: sitting on the baby's stuff. In this photo he's sitting on top of Green Eggs and Ham, with one paw on a little washcloth toy thing, another paw on Eyes Nose Finger and Toes, and his head resting on a (used) burp rag. So, I figure he's accepted her.

We've made an effort to give concentrated attention to both Sam and Penelope, which has also helped I think. Also helpful: my 11 days with Baby J merging scents with her, the extra treats Andrew has been showering the kitties with and the fact that we're both home a lot more now then we were before the baby, which the animals clearly like.

I'm excited to see when she begins to notice them!


  1. Good that the kitties have taken to her so well. And doesn't she look snug in there?! :)

  2. Dear Alissa,
    I have lost track of how many times I have tried to post a comment to offer you my congratulations, and share with you my awe and gratitude in being allowed to wittness these intimate miraculous events in your family's life. Your story stirrs up real tears and great hope in me. I hope I get to meet your daughter someday. Isn't she lovely..
    Good luck and Godspeed on your final papers,

  3. We're so glad that your kitties and everyone is doing well- we too love our pets and expect it to be an additive effect, not diminished for the pets as well. Have you gone to your first Pediatrician visit yet? Just wondering how that is, as we will be adopting also. Congrats! and thanks so much for your blog, it is really meaningful to so many!

  4. Our kitty basically ignores baby T for the time being. And when he cries, the cat vacates the room! However, this will change when T starts crawling. Our cat stands her ground even when she doesn't like whomever is in her space. I'm imagining some hissing, boxing, and lots of crying!

  5. Yay! I can't tell you how many times my BIL told us not to get a pet until after the baby so that we wouldn't neglect the pet. Apparently their dog was a bit neglected after the twins. Glad the kitties are getting along.

  6. Debbie - I could totally see that happening with a dog, they are much more high maintenance than even the most interactive of cats!

  7. Well done your cats, very glad to hear that they're making things easy being all together. Great photos too. x