Saturday, November 28, 2009

We spent Thanksgiving on the Olympic Peninsula with Andrew's folks. We are still here, actually, because we had the brilliant idea that we could hang out for a couple days and do homework while Grandma and Bo-Bo play with little Baby J. Yesterday "doing homework" actually looked a lot more like "drinking coffee and staring at the amazing view while sort of thinking about Hebrew Scriptures and then falling asleep with the baby on Grandma's giant bed." So. We have high hopes that today will be better.

A couple of people have asked me about the blog, what we will do with it now that we have Baby J. I've been pondering this, along with several blog entries that are weighted more heavily towards words and less towards pictures, and for now it's staying here. We do have our daughter, but the adoption part hasn't happened yet. I will make a post about the nuts and bolts of that soon, probably later next week after I have turned in my final papers for the quarter and can justify thinking about anything that isn't J, Hebrew Scriptures, or Christian Anthropology. (That's right, my husband didn't even make that list. But he's thrown me over for Microbiology, Pharmacology, Medical Ethics and Baby J, so we're even.) Suffice to say I'll be here at least through the finalization of our adoption and decide at that point whether to just change the name of the blog or move it to a different platform or what.

But, given my proclivity towards communication and self expression I won't stop blogging anytime soon.

Something else I want to say - and it deserves a post of its own but this will have to do for now - is just this. Thank you, both internet friends and those of you who read here AND love on us in person, for all the love and support. My list of things I am thankful for this year is longer than even I could ever articulate but towards the top is the amazing support and encouragement you have given us over the past six weeks. Andrew and I have come back here to read your comments over and over, and have just basked in the support and sharing of our sadness and finally our joy. We appreciate each one of you - lurkers and commenters alike. You rock. Thank you.

And some pics:
Mom and Pop (J's great grandparents) with all their great-grandchildren.

Photo shoot with Grandma (while I was asleep, maybe?)

This time we did a whole-family photo shoot.

Happy first weekend of the Holiday Season to you. ♥


  1. Super super cute, looks like a great first Thanksgiving for you all. Love the giant diaper cover. :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoyed it with your new family!

  3. Little J is just soooooooo precious. I'm so glad you got your baby before the holidays. What a special time! I am not holding out a lot of hope for this holiday season, but I have great hope that we will have a baby before this time next year. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. Every time I read of someone else's happy ending, it gives me great hope that ours is coming! Happy Holidays to you!

  4. Aw Kari - you should love that diaper cover, we got it from you!1 ♥ (I bet P was in it for like, 5 minutes)

  5. The pic on Grandma's bed is so cute. Looks very comfy.
    So glad you were able to relax a little and enjoy the holiday with your precious daughter.

    Good to hear you won't stop blogging. I really like reading your thoughts. Heavy, light or just pictures!