Friday, January 8, 2010

back into the swing of things

This week I started back to school. I am taking two classes and one of them is going to kick my butt a little. I'm equal parts relieved and terrified - I enjoyed both of my classes last quarter but neither of them challenged me the way I was expecting from graduate school.

Next week I start back to work, trying out my new 20 hours per week schedule.

And today I head back to teaching congregational development, beginning the second year of our new and developing curriculum and returning to the place where I first found out about Baby J. I was at a conference, remember? Almost all of the 40 or so folks who were there that November weekend will be back today, plus about 30 more. I'm excited to see them and update them all about my mysterious disappearance from the last weekend we were together. I'm also nervous. While Andrew has the option of coming down with J to stay with me at the conference center tonight I get the feeling he's itching to try a day and night of solo daddy time. Which he may get to do...if I don't break down and drive home for the night.

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