Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lullaby baby

The month of January has three big weeks in a row for our little one: last week she was baptized - her formal initiation into our faith and religious community, yesterday our dear friends Ruthie and Carly threw us a baby shower that was very much J's initiation into our community of close friends, many of whom are musicians and artists, and then next week my darling mother-in-law is sponsoring a shower that will be attended by Andrew's relatives and folks dear to us and to her on that side of the water.

I have to say it is so much fun to have all of this happening after our baby is here to enjoy it!

Yesterday's shower was co-ed, and devoid of any baby games or contests. That is really not so much our style. Instead our dear ones with musical gifts brought songs for our girl, and a few of them graciously gave me permission to post the videos here. It was a perfect afternoon in so many ways. The decorations, the thoughtful presents and presence of so many of our beloved friends, and the music. Baby J hung on every note, paid very close attention, and her focus lagged only at the very end of the last lullaby, when she finally fell asleep. (during a rousing sing-a-long no less!)

Forgive the cinematographer. I wasn't paying as much attention as I maybe should have been - it was too fun.

Noah Star and his lovely wife Julie Jane.

These three boys, plus Jon E. Rock on drums, make up the band Wonderful, and a chunk of the group United State of Electronica. Here, they're singing a Wonderful song, baby boy blue.

And my sweet friend who I call Sarahsue, with her hunky lute-playing boyfriend John, making one of the quintessential geek songs of our adolescence into a lute-y lullaby. Forgive the overpowering vocals of the camera lady during the sing-a-long at the end - I got quite carried away. Also there were a lot of people singing along but on the video it sort of sounds like just me. ahem.

The only thing that could have made the afternoon better would have been if you were there. And you, too. My far away friends are constantly on my mind these days.

(p.s. I do realize that J's first name appears in one of these songs. I'm okay with it, as I've posted it here before. ♥)

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