Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

When I was single I always spent Valentine's Day with other single friends. After I met Andrew we found that usually one or both of us were playing shows on V-day. The couple of times we haven't had other comittments we've kept my old tradition of spending the holiday with friends who don't have couple-y plans. I'm just not very romantic about Valentine's Day - I don't need fancy jewelry or an extra present from Andrew. I feel like just about every day we get to be together is pretty awesome.

Today I spent working with a church down south - two hour drive each way - and Andrew spent the day with our little sweetheart. We're out on the peninsula, escaping a crazy flood-water-damage-temporary displacement situation back in our condo. Which is why I haven't posted much lately, in case you were wondering. (You've missed me, right internet? RIGHT??!) Ultimately while it's inconvenient, we'll be getting a lot of nice new drywall installed and a new paint job in our living room and kitchen area on someone else's dime, so instead of feeling enraged I've decided to aid and abet J's grandma in dressing her in ridiculous outfits for picture taking and do a little dreaming about what sort of new color scheme I'd like in the living room. I'm toying with red, but that might just be the holiday.


  1. Yes, we missed you :) Sorry you have to go through the construction. Logistics of everything seem to get more complicated with an infant, but that's very cool you can take refuge with relatives. Love the cupid outfit.

  2. SO cute. Great picture. I enjoy following your journey with Baby J while we wait for our own bundle of joy... hopefully soon.

  3. Very cute picture indeed! Makes me smile. I can't believe how big baby J is getting, she is going to be tall! Looking forward to getting the girls together again soon!