Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthdaversary pt. 2 - It's my Birthday!

I have officially, as of 7:10pm PST today, been around the sun 32 times. Other than coming home to the traditional Williamsburg Orange Cake (baked by Andrew the Master Baker) and getting to lick the frosting bowl -HEAVEN - it's been a fairly normal and regular routine day. Which is fine - 32 is sort of a normal and regular birthday. After all, I didn't get my license (although crap! my DL expired today. Just realized that.)or even a discount on car insurance.

So to keep things lively around here, and in keeping with the theme of this year's birthdaversary - our ex-rock-n-roll lifestyle - I thought I'd post a retrospective of sorts from my own rockstar days. Just for fun. And also because I was thinner back then. :P

23 years old, brand new to the rock n roll lifestyle. Photo by Kate Crowe.

First tour, I think? Photo by Jenny Jimenez.

Waiting for the ferry on the way to the peninsula to play.

I think this is from the first show we played with Andrew's band. Apparently I made quite the impression. Photo by Chris Van Wick.

Shooting our music video...I forget who the photographer was on this one - anyone know?

It's fun to look at these and realize how much fun I've gotten to have already in life. I have no doubt the adventures ahead will be just as magical. Even if I don't look quite as badass in the photos. (Having three other women around constantly to style me and help with hair and make-up was definitely a plus. ♥)

Okay. Time for cake.

p.s. my Who's Watching the Baby post got picked up by Offbeat Mama and posted today! So fun - and welcome to anyone wandering over here from there. Thanks for checking me out.


  1. Cool pictures!

    And Happy Birthday!

  2. Yeah, I love those pictures. You look great!

    I thought 32 was a fabulous year. Happy Birthday.

  3. Happy birthday! Great photos.

  4. Happy birthday! --I hadn't realized that you were a rocker!

  5. William Anthony! (last photo credit)

    You look so much like your brother in that waiting for the ferry image that I initially thought, "when did Ben dye is hair red?". Then I thought, "Ben is kinda cute". :P

    I love you, btw.