Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Looking back a bit...(geek-heavy)

Everyone marks time differently. I mean, most of us use the whole second-minute-hour-day-week-year method, but in reality there are other thing that happen that truly let us know how much time has passed.

For us one of those things is Emerald City Comic Convention. Because we're giant geeks. Last year it was a little later in the year, closer to our Birthdaversary (if you don't know what that is just wait until the week of March 27-April 2nd and all will become clear). This year it was last weekend, and somehow I crammed a day of it in between papers and various work and church commitments. Because I have priorities.

Every year I have my picture taken with Wil Wheaton, my first ever celebrity boyfriend. (We grew up, moved on, and now he's just my celebrity-person-I-wish-I-could-have-over-for-dinner-and-be-friends-with.)


and finally last weekend:

It is amazing, dear readers, what a little foundation and a decent camera can do for a girl when she's getting her picture taken with Wil Wheaton. Also I am pretty sure I haven't had a haircut since last year's photo. Hence my new obsession with braiding.

But of course the best and biggest difference this year is that our geeky family tradition is finally being passed on to the next generation. Baby J will be able to point back to this weekend accusingly, and blame us for everything that goes wrong in her life.

Here's a couple more from the fun times:

Live long and prosper, friends. This is Andrew about to make a very cool face. But they don't let you hang out with this guy long enough to really pose. Hence Andrew and J looking weird and me starstruck and covering J's starfleet insignia with my hand by accident.

Proof that we are raising her to respect both major geek traditions.

Pretty much all the bad guys we posed with forgot to be fierce because of the cuddly baby. C'mon! WE ALL KNOW THAT KLINGONS HATE BABIES!! GRRRAAAH!

J's newfound interest in animals extends to Ewoks evidently. (no offense to Ewoks, of course.)

and last but not least - 100 Geek points if you know who these two are:

Anyone? Bueller? Anyone? Susiebook takes the honors right out of the gate! Ya'll are geekier than I had suspected!


  1. Oh my gosh, I haven't seen Willow in years. Anywho. That Scooby Doo Threadless shirt? That design is my desktop background! And since this is apparently my huge geek reveal comment, Star Wars > Start Trek!! Next year, you should have J. cosplay. ;)

  2. eta: I didn't actually use names, did I? It's the evil queen Bavmorda and General Kael, the commander of her forces.

  3. Haha! I was going to guess Skeletor and Sorcerer... totally wrong! Of course, she lacks feathers and that's metal on her head, not an eagle. Looks like you all had fun! (And for the record, I love Willow too but haven't seen it recently enough to recognize!)

  4. Ok, I am totally geeking out over your pics with the Wil Wheaton and Leonard Nemoy!!!!

  5. I LOVE willow!!! Though everyone I know was too wierded out by that movie to ever watch it with me :(

    And that is WAY cool that she has her picture with Spock!!!!! (And cool for you too of course!!)

  6. That is so geeky but I have to admit I was a huge fan of Star Trek and watched up until Deep Space Nine, then my interest fizzled. I saw all the Star Trek movies though. I had a HUGE crush on Patrick Stewart.