Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Words on Wednesday

I was going to make a Wordless Wednesday post but then I realized that I have some stuff to say! But never fear, there will be pictures as well. A couple weeks ago we did an impromptu photo shoot with Rose from Rosemary Photography, with J modeling some baby tutus by Ruthie of Ruthie's Uniform. I think you'll agree, they turned out fairly irresistible:

This sort of posed photography isn't usually my cup of tea - I am wary of objectification and really prefer photojournalist-style pictures - but Rose knows her stuff. Of course it doesn't hurt that my baby is pretty much the most adorable person I know.

We took J to her four-month old well baby check-up yesterday, and she's doing great. Her weight and head size are holding steady in the 35-40th percentile but her height has just shot up! At 25.75 inches long my girl is now in the 90th percentile. Our sweet tall baby girl! Of course, those numbers don't mean much at this age, but so far she's only gone up - at her 1 month she was 40th percentile for height, at 2 months she was 60th. It feels good to receive confirmation that we have a happy healthy baby. Of course after her second round of vaccinations she was not so much "happy." But she was a champ about it overall.

I feel like I'm settling in to this new phase of life, this motherhood thing. Now that the weather is warmer J and I are out and about a lot. I haven't gotten very many offensive comments - although someone asks me about her whenever we're out and about together. I don't mind, I like talking about my baby. I'm starting to feel like I don't have to explain myself anymore when J isn't with me and I tell someone I'm a new mother. The next question is always "how old is your baby?" and when I'd answer "6 weeks" or "two months" I always felt the need to stave off the inevitable "oh, wow you look great for giving birth just ___ weeks/months ago!" (I'm never sure how to feel about that one - do they mean that I look like I could have been pregnant recently and just am on the road to getting my body back? Or should I just take it as a compliment, because I do look great for someone who adopted a baby ____ weeks ago and has been living on less sleep and more processed food than I'm used to? But then, nobody has said "oh well you must have adopted, just look at you! No way you gave birth just ____ ago!") You see how my brain works.

Now there are just three weeks of school left this quarter, and I'm hoping we'll get a court date before the end of March. Life is sweet, busy, overwhelming and wonderful. Which is pretty much how I like it.


  1. That second picture is priceless!

  2. I have been loving your blog since I found it a few weeks back and read the entire archives (embarrassing...). My husband and I are waiting to adopt our first baby and I am so inspired by your loving and realistic approach. Thank you.

  3. Wow, those are ADORABLE pictures! And I'm glad you are enjoying the mothering, and even not minding the questions. I really don't think I'll mind all the questions too much either. I'm pretty much an open book anyway and now I talk about adoption any time I get a chance, so when we have our little guy I think I'll be happy to talk about him pretty much anytime as well! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh my goodness! She's PERFECT!!!

  5. She is certainly full of DIVATUDE!

  6. aw thanks everyone! She's certainly got "it" that is for sure. ♥
    Maura - don't be embarassed! I do the same thing when I find a blog I like. I'm flattered!

  7. You know, I've always been leery of baby tutu photos -- but J is totally rocking them. She looks like they fit her personality.

  8. Nice to see you today, Alissa. I realized after walking on that I didn't send you and your family my regards on the passing of your awesome Aunt Jackie. She sounds very familiar to me. I expect she will be making some amazing new friends up ahead.
    Congratulations on your beautiful baby..I'm glad you know how blessed you are.

  9. She is absolutely adorable! It all takes awhile to just feel normal sometimes. But I suppose it's the same for biological kids too.

    Glad you don't get too many rude comments. I know the feeling of always being approached with her though. It's the same for us, not so much now that Belle is older though...

    Hope you get your court date soon.