Friday, April 2, 2010

Adorables for your Friday...

Have you seen the viral youtube video of a father telling his toddler son that he's not a single lady while he's jamming out with his sister to the Beyonce hit? Little Losiah is crushed, and his daddy quickly retracts, telling him he can indeed be a single lady if he wants to.

It's adorable.

And incidentally, Losiah is transracially adopted, something many youtube commenters noted.

I might offer some analysis of this later, but for the moment - enjoy the hilarious video and adorable family.


  1. I have been reading his wife's and his blogs for quite a awhile now. His is Hers is
    They are a great family that I have never met.

  2. I LOVE how that kid is rocking out...right before the unimaginable devastation. This is really cute - thanks for posting.

  3. I'm catching up here on your blog... but OMG! That is the most adorable thing EVAR.