Tuesday, April 6, 2010

General Updates

There is, my friends, a new season upon us! Easter was especially wonderful for me this year, despite the long day. I was at church by 4:15am for the Vigil and I got to serve in a very special role this year. We baptized five children at that early service, two of whom are in my Godly Play classes and all of whom are just amazingly special to me. I had the privilege of chanting the prayers as we processed to the font to welcome them into the company of the baptized. It was perfect - they were very brave and absolutely inspiring.

After the three hour vigil and a wonderful breakfast Andrew took a tired baby girl home for naps and I stayed to teach Godly Play to those little ones with rather more sane parents who chose to come at the normal time instead of the wee hours of the morning. We had a great time.

And then it was off to the peninsula for Easter dinner at Andrew's mom's house. All of his immediate family was there, which was lovely. J got to play with her cousin T, Andrew's brother's sweet little girl, and see Grandma, Bobo, and Grandpa, as well as her great-grandparents Mom and Pop. (It's amazing, I don't think we have any repeat grandparent names! On Andrew's side we have those listed above. On my side we've got Papa, Grandma N., Nana, Grandma S, and Gran. I guess there are a few Grandmas but still.)

We had to change J back into her Easter dress for photos. Here she is with Grandpa:

So now we are in the Easter season. (Did you realize Easter is a season, not a day? It is just as long as Lent, interestingly enough.) I love this season, for a myriad of reasons: it is spring, the light is returning, the flowers are blooming, there just seems to be more energy to go around. This year Easter is also the season of old friends, for me. M, who I have mentioned here before and not laid eyes on for over a decade, is here for a visit, popping in to whisk me away to coffee like he did lifetimes ago. My friend Kate is moving back to Seattle after almost as long away. In a couple weeks my heart-friend D will be here to celebrate what is an annual tradition for us, and then she'll be back for J's finalization whenever that ends up happening. And there is more, that I won't so much write about here. So many things on so many levels are unfolding.

I ended up loving the Ashtanga Yoga class that I took as part of my Lenten discipline. It is very hard, a movement heavy version of the discipline, and I am really not good at it but it was very good for me both physically and mentally. So I signed up for another three months of classes.

And we are back in school, after brief breaks for each of us. Andrew got his 4.0 again, and the phone is starting to ring in the evenings with questioning classmates asking for help on the other end of the line. I also did well last quarter despite the many distractions. This quarter my classes are Christian Ethics and Ministry in a Multi-cultural Context. I'm deep into the readings already and let me tell you there will be plenty of material discussed and digested for class that filters through to this space. To start with, if you haven't read Understanding White Privilege by Frances E. Kendall, I highly recommend it. Heather, if you are out there, this would be an excellent book for that book club you mentioned starting a few months ago for white moms of black children.

And, on the adoption front, I had lunch with Marla and fellow adoptive mom Melissa yesterday down near the WACAP main office. We had such a great time, it was lovely to see Melissa's little Isabella who was born just five weeks after my baby J. There was much to celebrate in all our lives, and despite having a lot going on both personally and professionally Marla agreed to help me in attempting to get some faster response times out of the agency in Georgia for J's finalization paperwork. That's all we are waiting on at this point. Once that paperwork is in our lawyer's hands we can request a court date. We're eager to get it done, of course.

So, dear readers, there you have it. There are many things to look forward to in this brand new season of the year. A lot of work ahead as well but that is in line with how we live I suppose. I can see on our beloved video monitor that my wee one is starting to stir, so I'd better sign off for now.


  1. I was just thinking about that project! Would still love to get it started up.

  2. A friend and I started a playgroup and bookclub for white parents of black children last fall. We meet once a month with the kiddos to play and once a month, grown-ups only, to discuss a book. It is WONDERFUL!!! I can't tell you how much I enjoy seeing my little guy playing with his friends and the moms in the group have become an amazing source of support for me. It's great to discuss our books without having to first explain our perspective as transracial adoptive parents. I'll have to check out the book you mentioned, A!

  3. She is just such a cutie! Good luck with all your busyness!

  4. I love the Easter season, we got married during Easter (1st May) and we had the Road to Emmeaus as one of our readings, very appropriate.

    (I am sure I have spelled that wrong but can't work out what would make it right...)

  5. We always LOVE to see you and baby J! It is so special for us to see the girls this close in age and I absolutely MELTED when baby J reached out and held Isabella's hands!! She looks adorable in her Easter outfit and I continue to be amazed at your energy and how well at multi-tasking you are doing! +) Hopefully next time we might be able to get baby J and I's daddy's together with us to so they can catch up +)

  6. Oh, baby J is in that chunky baby phase. I LOVE that phase.

    Sounds like you are happily busy these days. Happy Easter!

  7. Well, Easter isn't "just as long" as Lent, it's 10 days longer...