Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

Heather at Production not Reproduction said it really well in her post today:
But Mother's/Father's Day (and Valentine's Day, for that matter) draw such distinctions between insider and outsider the way we observe them. And I spent enough time on the outside of both--and have enough people I care about still there--to not be convinced that the sadness the days bring up for so many is really worth it when it's all said and done.

I am going to enjoy my first Mother's day as a mom. But, also, I am remembering, holding in my heart, all of those whose babies are not with them, whose mothers are not here to touch and to hold, and whose hearts are numb with longing for children not yet born or not yet found. I'll post all about my first Mother's Day later - after all it hasn't happened yet. But I want to put this out there. Thanks Heather, for saying it better than I could.


  1. Aw, thank you.

    And happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. I thought exactly the same thing when I read Heather's words... this is just how I feel, and she put it into words PERFECTLY.