Sunday, May 23, 2010

seven months old

Our beautiful girl is seven months old today. It's hard to believe that the sweet, floppy-yet-focused wee baby we met six and a half months ago has blossomed into this big tall grown-up-baby girl.

We finally set up her crib yesterday. She was really too big for the co-sleeper, and all I could think when putting her down in it was how big she is. It is almost a relief to look at her little self sleeping soundly in that giant crib. Not too fast, please!

J has become quite the studious adventurer, lunging at anything that interests her and experimenting with new sounds, movements and behaviors every day. I have a hunch that she's developing an extroverted personality, like me. Andrew swears she favors her left hand, like him. I know deep in my soul that the parts of my life, work and play, spent with our daughter are some of the most formative and creative moments I will ever know.

If you think pictures are nice, trust me - my kid in person is
unimaginably better. Happy seven months of life, sweet baby J. ♥


  1. What a beautiful child. Happy 7 months.

  2. Beautiful and extroverted - what a heartbreaker she's going to be. :)

    Happy seven month birthday, J.

  3. She's a peach--happy seven months!