Friday, May 21, 2010

Someday I will once again blog about things of substance and meaning.

But not today.

Instead I will simply tell you that I am alive, kicking, and quite busy with various activities. I wish I could say that those activities include regular exercise but alas despite plans to re-start Couch-to-5k, attend yoga classes regularly and do lap swimming twice a week I haven't done much more than strap on the baby and go for short walks to close parks since my yoga class ended in April.

Both my classes this quarter deal in some very primary ways with issues of race and privilege in the USA. It's sobering stuff, and I am challenged to process it in ways that are healthy and not crippling-guilt-inducing. One of the questions emerging for me out of the work is how to take the realities of white privilege and racism and their absolute embededness in our culture and institutional structures and present them to white people in ways that don't shut us down? Because mopey guilt-ridden white people don't necessarily do anyone any good. I'll write more on this later, lest I break my promise to give you a substance-free blog entry.

Finalization of our adoption is taking forever. But there is progress, of sorts. GA agency has finally completed the necessary steps, barring the court appearance, to terminate biological father's rights, and evidently the court date in GA to complete that process will happen in early June. That puts our earliest possible court date in late June. This is assuming the GA agency is speedy in getting the paperwork to our WA lawyer, however. And though our overall experience with the GA agency has been positive I have to admit that we don't have a lot of faith at this point in thier ability to deliver appropriate paperwork in a timely manner. But I know it will happen, and it's hard to be mad when I look at the amazing daughter they found for us. I would, however, like to get that amazing daughter a social security number.

I am in the home stretch for the school quarter - I'll be in class all weekend starting tonight and there are only two weeks left for my weekly class. Summer is a bit lighter - only one class - so I expect to do some decompressing and processing about many many things here in my corner of the blogosphere then.

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