Thursday, June 24, 2010

8 months

Yesterday baby J became an 8 month old person!

I am struggling to wrap my mind around that one. Right now she is sitting on her playmat, jabbering away at a book about animals and yelling at the cats whenever they come into her field of vision. She wants them to come over and get petted. They have no desire to do so. Not to mention, our cats have never responded overly well to yelling.

Sometimes after J has gone to bed Andrew and I sit at the computer and watch videos of her when she was one, two, three months old. We laugh when we remember how amazing and advanced we thought she was, how focused and coordinated and just...beautiful. We still think that, of course. But compared to our 8 month old J, that little baby seems so soft and sleepy. Hard to believe that in less than a year she is such a big girl.

She loves pears, sweet potatoes, and anything that has even a little carrot. The current favorite is carrot-rutabega-pea. She has tried turkey and is not a fan of it on its own, today we're going to see what she thinks about turkey-pear.

J loves to sit up, and is only quiet when she is in a new place or for the first few moments with a new person. Otherwise she is loud and full of syllables. She recognizes a few signs: milk, book, all done, more, kitty. I suspect she understands the sign for "no" although she is reluctant to acknowledge it. She loves our cats, though the feeling is not entirely mutual. Lately she has taken to attempting to meow at them in between imperious shouts for their attention. It doesn't work.

She is in no rush to crawl, although when placed on hands and knees she will rock back and forth and experiment a bit before rearranging herself in a more comfortable position. She adores books, yellow duckies, and her stuffed lamb, as well as both her Sophie giraffe and the little yellow mushroom alien toy by the same company.

She wakes up smiling every day.

I am very much looking forward to summertime - next week we start baby swim lessons, and I start a new work schedule for summer that will have me working two days in a row and then being home for three days in a row, plus weekends when I don't have church related work to do. The Seattle weather is finally (knock on wood) turning towards summer and soon the dahlias I planted a couple weeks ago will come up and there will be fresh berries at the farmer's market. Last night I arrived home after work and a church meeting to one of my favorite summer sights - a spontaneous building cook-out. Andrew and J were waiting for me along with two of our favorite neighbor families, and I knew that there had probably been others in and out during the evening. I remembered last year's golden summer moments, and felt a wash of warm gratitude as I realized that we are, once again, having the best time of our lives.


  1. How fun!!! She sounds absolutely delightful. You are doing such a good job, Mom and Dad; J is BLOOMING. I imagine she's great company... and even though the cat-friends won't admit it, I bet they like her too.

  2. Where has the time gone? She'll continue to amaze you. I think Isabel is a genius.

  3. It is so sweet to hear about what she is doing. Funny to imagine her with your cats! She sounds like such a gem. :-)