Tuesday, July 6, 2010

it's all happening so fast! (or, a blog post about my baby that may not be interesting to anyone but me. But that's why it's called "my" blog!)

*photo by Grandma

In the course of the past weekend J added two very important skills to her interpersonal communication toolbox: waving and flirting. Three words: look out world.

The waving seemed like an accident at first - she likes to flop her hands around randomly and has engaged in that activity for what seems like a long time now. We were visiting Andrew's grandparents and they waved at her and she arm-flop-waved back. I smiled and oohed and sort of thought it was an accident. But no, on the ferry the next day as we made our way home to the city she was a-waving at anyone whose eye she could catch!(and she is quite eye catching!)

The flirting came from a game we've been playing at home a lot - we call it close and far. One of us will hold her and swing her close to the other parent's face and shout "close!" and then pull back and yell "far!" She loves this and shrieks with laughter every time. I have found playing this game is a good way for her to engage people she doesn't know well and/or feels nervous about. They become more familiar but she is safe in my or Andrew's arms the whole time. Lately this nervousness has applied to any man who isn't Daddy. The fear-factor makes it even more exciting and the close-far game makes Bobo or Pop or Grandpa less scary and more fun. So now she will look at any new person, shriek, and then look quickly away and laugh her little tush off. It's hilarious and never fails to melt whomever is the object of her game.

I know that all of this is her little brain figuring out how to initiate and manage contact with other people. It is fascinating to watch - at least to me.


  1. That's marvelous! My guy likes the same game!

  2. J is getting to such an awesome age!! I love when they start interacting with not only mom and dad, but all kinds of folks. Oh, and thanks for sharing the video of her and A on FB playing the slap/hug game. Her look at the end was priceless! Laurel loves giving random passerbyers "the look."

  3. so sweet!!! That picture is adorable too!

  4. Adorable game. I'll have to remember that next time around. Isabel was never fond of older men, like Grandpa.
    Beautiful picture.

  5. It IS fascinating. To watch a person BECOME and EXPERIENCE the world day by day is really amazing. J is such a cutie, and she sounds so wonderful. :-)