Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ten Months Old

Our sweet girl turned 10 Months old yesterday! To celebrate, here are ten fun facts about baby J:

1. She loves planes! J spends a lot of time outside these days and her favorite hobby is watching the sky for planes. When she spots one she waves her arms excitedly and imitates the noise it makes.

2. She also loves boats - Andrew and J go to a beach on Lake Washington pretty often, and watch the boats. She loves to wave at them. Once when they were there a seaplane landed and apparently J was so blown away she fell over and rolled down the hill, shouting and waving her little arms in joy.

3. J loves our kitties and imitates their meows when she sees them. She also meows at dogs, babies smaller than her, pigeons, otters and bears at the zoo, and pretty much anything living that isn't a person her size or larger.

4. The bald spot on the back of her head is finally filling in.

5. She loves to dance, and for J dancing means shaking her head back and forth whenever she hears music she likes.

6. She is now the custodian of one visible tooth!

7. J recognizes and responds to the signs for milk, more, kitty, no, drink, water, eat, all done, and we think mama and daddy.

8. She makes the sign for milk very clearly and we think all done, but she is less clear about that sign.

9. J shows no fear when meeting dogs, but was not a fan of the birds the first time we visited them at the zoo. The second time, however, she tried to grab one.

10. When baby J is very happy she claps her hands, as if applauding life itself.

It's easy to forget how much she has grown, but it really hit last week when my good friend D brought her sweet little one over for a visit. Baby S is three months old, and J loved her. Here's the two of them together:

That was one of our best shots, as most of the time Andrew was trying to protect little S without ruining the pictures:

It's crazy to think that pretty soon these two will be considered the same age!

(Sidenote, how adorable is wee baby S ------->
you're welcome.)

Then and now:

You've come a long way, baby J. It's been as fun as it is fast - with is to say very much on both counts. ♥


  1. She is just gorgeous- can't believe she's 10 months old already!

  2. aww!! happy 10 months! :D

  3. I love her!! Happy 10 sweetest baby J!
    Auntie Ru

  4. Yay, happy 10 months to J & mama!! Of course I love the pic of S too! ;) A year from now they will be perfect playmates. So fun!

  5. she is stunning! how fast they grow up. i had to laugh at the picture of J pining down S -- tee is exactly the same and will "bully" all children smaller and less active than he is! it sure makes life interesting. here's to enjoying motherhood:)

  6. Amazing that she's that big already. Seems like last week that she was coming home. I love hearing how excited she gets over the planes. So cute!
    I remember how hard it was to tell when she used the 'all done' sign. As often as they wave and clap 'all done' is a hard one.

  7. Such beauty and sweetness! It's fun watching J grow. S is the love of our lives and her G & G are very proud!