Friday, September 24, 2010

Eleven Months

It is hard to believe that in one month baby J will be a year old. Not to be cliche, but how did that happen? It all goes so fast!! Time flies when you're having fun! Other trite-but-true cliche sayings of the same nature@!

I am still working on putting the next phase of this blog into action, but I couldn't let this milestone go unmarked. J is fun and hilarious - she will dance to anything and if there isn't music playing she makes her own and dances to that. She even dances to the washing machine, which she loves to watch run - probably the only interest she holds in common with the cats at this point her life.

She is "crawling" or at least quite mobile if not traditionally so. She has this one legged hitching scoot that works quite nicely. I can hear the slap-drag noise it makes on the bamboo floors as she chases Sam and Penelope. Both are quite alarmed at this mobility direction the small human is taking. And we've babyproofed, which feels good to finally have done.

I could write for hours about what she does and how she does it, but we are prepping to leave town for a weekend on the seashore and there is much to be done before we put our little one in jammies and cross fingers that she sleeps for the drive.

Happy eleven months sweet girl!


  1. love this picture! and yes, all the time flying cliches certainly are true!

  2. Great picture! She'll be running after those cats soon, they'll have to find new hiding places.