Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas

The babe is finally dropping off to sleep, Andrew is playing the new game he received from his father on the wii, and I am taking a break from surfing through Amazon's free book listings for Kindle to wish everyone who reads here a peaceful end to the year, and a lovely Christmas season if you are one who celebrates.

The picture above is J with her cousin T, the official Santa photo that will likely become an annual tradition, despite the fact that it is St. Nicholas and not Santa Claus who visits us. It's been a good Christmas so far - last night Andrew and J went to the peninsula to celebrate with family while I stayed behind to honor the Christ Child with my St. Paul's kiddos. This morning was just the three of us for a bit, then almost all the grandparents joined us for presents, playtime, talk time, and fun. We have more Christmas celebrations to come, which is fitting as today is but the first day of twelve.

I haven't been inspired to blog much during the advent season. If Christmas turns out to feel similar then I will see you after the new year.
love and peace,


  1. i love that they have little matching outfits! cute cute cute :)

  2. Thank you - and those little babes look so lovely! I hope they were nice this year!