Sunday, March 27, 2011

Let the Birthdaversary Begin!!

This year our birthdaversary is actually an entire calendar week! This is the first time this has happened in six years, which I guess given the way the calendar works makes complete sense. Still, it's fun to remember the week we got married, when our birthdays fell on a Sunday and Wednesday just like they do this week.

For those of you just now tuning in, the A+A Birthdaversary Week stretches from today, which is Andrew's birthday, through Wednesday which is mine and finishes strong on Saturday with our wedding anniversary. We planned it this way because heck, why not. This way neither of us will ever forget our anniversary!

So today my love turned 31. (I know, he's such a youngster!!) This is the first year, birthday-to-birthday, of fatherhood for him and I have to say he wears it well. Let's take a quick walk through memory lane, shall we?

Sleeping in with Daddy - a year ago this month.

Piano time!

Swim lessons! (and yes, another excuse for me to linger over a shirt-free photo of my husband. mmm.)

I love this photo from last summer because obviously they're not seeing the same thing...

on the beach, early fall.

trick or treating with J the Pooh...

...and finally, full circle one year after the first photo, an outtake from comicon.

There is a lot of uncertainty in this world, and being a parent has only highlighted that for me. But there is one thing that I am absolutely sure of, and that is this man. In time I have known him he has grown up a lot (a baby of twenty-three when we met!!), and I hope I have too. But he is still the same patient, loving, handsome, and exciting person I first fell unexpectedly head over heels for all those years ago. Not to mention the most adorable dad I could imagine finding for my child.

Happy Birthday love.


  1. Happy birthdaversary week to you guys! As always, love the pictures :)

  2. Happy birthday, Andrew, and happy birthdaversary week to you all!

  3. A very happy Birthdaversary to you both!