Tuesday, March 22, 2011

'tis the Season - Geekmas has come and gone

It's hard to believe that this year's comicon has already come and gone! This is a family tradition for us now, and in many ways this was the best one yet! Andrew did some work for his friend Aaron's podcast, which got us press passes and early admission this year. (Podcast features adult language, for those of you who click through.) This meant that we were first in line for Wil Wheaton, which was fantastic. The media guests were awesome this year, and it was fun to watch Wil horse around before the lines opened with his former castmates from TNG and Felicia Day from The Guild.

J responded VERY differently to the costumes and other insane stimuli that abounds at these things this year. She adored all of the artwork that was up everywhere and the people watching. She hated pretty much everyone in costume. Above she is trying to hide from the very friendly Borg.

I like this photo because it sort of looks like Andrew is aiming J the way the SandTrooper is aiming his gun. In reality she is attempting to escape. In our defense, lest you think we were out to traumatize our darling child, she was into it until she realized that Daddy was going to stand right next to the scary gun-weilding robot. That's when she bolted and I snapped the photo. This was the last attempt to get near anyone in a scary costume.

Nothing to fear from Rogue, however. Obviously our girl knows who the good people are. Also, I have come home on more than one Daddy day to find her dressed in superhero outfits. She probably didn't even realize the nice lady was wearing a costume.

And of course, she had no problem with the nice old men we posed for photos with. She looks bored in this photo but mostly she is disappointed that Commander Riker wouldn't give her his watch. (In his defense it was a Rolex.)

And we are pretty sure she thought this guy was her Papa C.
All in all it was a wonderful geek-mas, and you know what that means. Birthdaversary is right around the corner, hurrah!


  1. very cool! we took sammy to the baltimore comic-con last summer. we're hoping to make it a family tradition too!

  2. Okay - my husband thought this post was awesome. He is a HUGE comic fan & would probably be best friends with your husband if we lived closer. Ha! Glad it was a great time! Too fun! BTW - William Shatner looks OLD! lol