Monday, May 2, 2011


I am here, treading water in blogland while I wriggle through a much busier spring than I had prepared myself for. This is, I have realized, part of my annual pattern. I fool myself into thinking that spring will be relaxed and sunny, in total denial of who I am and where I live, and then I'm caught off guard by the reality. Meanwhile things are happening in my world and elsewhere that would make excellent blogging material!

Today, however, I'll settle for a preview of what I'm hoping for from the rest of my spring, and you'll get some idea of what to expect from me in this space:

  • cleansing: after the experience of doing housework as my Lenten discipline ended on Easter things went...downhill. I am dedicating the month of May to Clean. This means our home, and also my body as I experiment with this program.

  • transition: this is Andrew's last quarter of school and we're both on pins and needles to see what happens for him as he starts to hunt for permanent full time employment. Meanwhile I'm going through a rather complex cacophany of emotions as I get ready to leave my job at St. Paul's permanently, and leave the parish for the next year to complete an internship elsewhere.

  • tax money: any other adoptive parents out there getting the runaround from the IRS? (that was rhetorical - I know you are.) We, like many, have been relegated to "review" status. Despite submitting all requested paperwork, of course. No requests for further info from them at the moment, just a letter saying not to call for the next 45 days.

  • We have some exciting plans for our refund, but I'll tell you about them when it actually comes through.

  • Daycare starts in the fall! In anticipation of Andrew working full time and having a variable schedule we started a daycare search this past winter. We've settled on one and secured J a spot for two days a week in the fall. It's a great little in-home place two blocks away from home, which seems perfect. If we can just get her to stop biting, this should work out great.

Okay, that's all I got. Any questions?


  1. Yes, just one.

    If the rector that I DO like is out of town on October 8 and unable to do my wedding, and the rector I DON'T like is the only Episcopalian available, and the church says "No" to our potential request to allow a Catholic priest that's a close family friend to perform our ceremony - can you just come down and do it? Haha!

    (Or at least give me peace of mind since Dad's in charge of this side of things???)

    Yep, that's all! :)

    (And good luck with all of the other things!)

  2. We're getting the IRS run-around as well. Had to send in additional info, but I spoke with a woman on the phone and she was encouraging....hopefully we'll get that refund soon!

  3. We got the letter and after 30 days we received the request for receipts and check copies. I was told to expect another 60 days before they will review it to ask for more or send our refund.

    Lots of big changes coming up. Good luck with all that.