Thursday, June 30, 2011

Screen Fast

I have had a heck of a spring, people. I was overloaded and busy both personally and professionally, and looking back I find myself thinking that it might take me most of the summer to sort out all the different feelings I experienced and tossed away without examination because there just wasn't any time. June topped it all off with a final rush to finish papers and schoolwork followed by a week away from A+J teaching at a congregation development conference and then just as summer hit two more days away from them working with a parish up in the San Juan islands. Add in all the excitement around leaving St. Paul's and Andrew's graduation and I was left feeling pretty overwhelmed.

I have a very specific way of dealing with feeling overwhelmed. It's called "self-medication through high doses of television." Perhaps you've heard of it. My drug of choice, longtime readers here may remember, is medical drama. It works perfectly - plenty of opportunity for emotional release and no need to actually think through anything going on. When there is just too much happening for me to deal with in the two hours before bed nothing hits the spot quite like back-to-back episodes of Grey's Anatomy reruns on hulu followed by a hot shower. I laugh, I cry, I feel better, I go to sleep a little later than I probably should feeling pleasantly numb.

But, like many drugs which serve a helpful purpose in a crisis situation, crisis management through television can become a little bit addictive. My parents and sibling would tell you that I've always had a bit of a hard time putting the remote down, and they'd be right. So for the month of July I'm going cold turkey.

Andrew is going to join me and for four sure-to-be-glorious weeks we're fasting from screens after the babe goes to bed. No video games or compulsive facebook checking. No Netflix Instant watch or Hulu. No computers at all unless a paper is being written or exam being studied for. No phones unless we need to make or take a call. We are going to read books, play board games, make our neighbors host or visit us, and propel the kitchen into new heights of organization and cleanliness. We are going to go to bed when it gets dark, which here in Seattle at this time of year is about when we should be going to bed anyway. I think it will be both fun and interesting. I wonder how bad the withdrawls will be.

This means I have a lot of television to watch tonight.

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  1. This should be very interesting. Sounds like a fantastic way to connect. My hubby and I would be forced to talk to each other. That would be weird. I'd end up reading a book and going to bed early.

    Does that include no watching TV at other people's places? What about no computer time at a cafe?