Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Making (a) room

With a new baby on the way someday in the who-knows-exactly-when future, Andrew and I decided it was more than time to get moving on the baby room/family room re-decorating scheme. You may remember that my brilliant friend Andrea outlined a design plan for us a while ago. Okay, over six months ago. In our defense we've been busy, moving slow.

So - I thought it would be fun to highlight the way our "bedroom" has changed over the four years we've lived here.
Here we have its very first incarnation, in 2007. I was quite proud of the dark blue accent wall, and and our Ikea bed with storage underneath. Note the cds (since ripped and discarded). In fact, I think the only piece of furniture in this picture that we still own is the kids' armoire from Andrew's childhood bedroom. It's currently in the closet and between you and me internet, its days are numbered. 
Next we started getting ready for J, and the first step was the addition of my baby cradle, made by my dad when my parents were expecting my older brother. Note we'd found a piece of art we liked for the wall, and acquired night stands. 

Here's the view of the other side of the room. Looking back, I can start to see our current incarnation forming in this picture - the painting by Megan Myers, the drum and a couple of the little toy pieces are all still with us. 

We eventually ditched the cradle for a crib, and finally even ditched our bed and moved out to the murphy bed so we could have our own sleeping space. We switched some stuff up - with most of the stuff on the walls - picture and art wise - from the bedroom going to the living room, and the fun bungee rocking chair from the living room coming to live in the bedroom.
Still, it seemed like we didn't live in this room as much as in the rest of our home, which was a shame because square footage wise, it's over a third of the total space. 

Part of the reason for this was likely that J sleeps in there for fourteen hours a day, but I also felt like there was some wasted potential. Andrea's vision was the push I needed, and I started to make plans. And we're finally getting there.

May I present - our kid/play/sleep/family room:

I used IKEA picture ledges as front facing bookshelves, and we decided to hang our his and hers guitars on the wall for easy access, making that corner a fun play corner for all of us. Andrew picked out some of his favorite records to display as well, which helps us feel like the room has something for us grown-ups as well as some rock n roll flair. The futon, also from IKEA, is a place to cuddle and for grown-ups to sit, as well as somewhere for mommy to crash on those nights when J just can't make it through without someone in the room with her, or for both us big people to sleep if we have guests on the murphy.

 The adorable alphabet sticker is from Blik, and pretty much the rest of the furniture is IKEA. Shocking, right? I think eventually the doors are going to come off the closet and some sort of organizational system will be installed that includes space for the futon to be embedded in there. This will make way for a big girl bed for J, and the crib will go to the new sib. But that's a ways off.

We've been in the "new" room for a couple weeks now, and so far it's just exactly what I wanted. The bright colors make the most of the sunlight from the single window, and the combo of J's reading chair, the futon, and the bungee rocker make it a comfy place for adults to hang out too, especially while supervising playtime. The kitties love it too, and I once again have to do a sweep at nap and bedtime to flush them out.

All in all this transformation was pretty inexpensive, done over time, and I'm very happy. The room feels more like home, and more ready for eventual double occupancy. 


  1. Looks great!! And I love those pictures! I can't believe how BIG J is getting!!! She's so cute! :)

  2. I love the idea of viewing the growth of your family through the progress of one room. It looks great, I am coveting your alphabet stickers. It looks like a very light, relaxing and quite calm space for playing and I agree, J does look so grown up!

  3. Looks amazing! Love the corner of fun

  4. Love the green color, really cute!