Sunday, September 25, 2011

visitors welcome. (photos by Jenny J)

Adjusting to life with two kids under two years of age is busy, my friends. If I had to take a quiz on what exactly has happened in the week since we got home I might not pass it. Blurry. It's all very blurry. Which means that while there is plenty to blog about (I think) the time to do it is scarce. Also, S has made it known that she is what my neighbor Shanon calls a "body baby."  That is, she likes to be held at all times and very effectively communicates her displeasure when she is not in physical contact with another person. This means she is a fantastic snuggler. But blogging whilst holding a baby is a bit challenging. We'd be lost without the Moby wrap! I can blog sometimes at night, if Andrew is home, or when grandparents are over, or at times like this when J is asleep and little S has slept in her daddy's arms long enough to be put down for her long snooze in the bassinet before her post-midnight feeding.

There have been some hard moments, times when I have just had to sort of laugh, thinking how I would have pitied myself if former-me happened to walk past our window and hear S's urgent hungry cry combined with J's louder imitation of that cry (maybe she thinks she is helping, or simply sympathizing?) while I scramble to get a bottle together with a baby in my arm and a toddler pulling on my leg.

But just this morning S smiled at me, and started to really coo and gurgle. And this afternoon J "held" her sister for almost half an hour, talking and gently gently kissing S's forehead while the baby slowly blinked at her big sister and then fell asleep in J's arms.

My visitors keep me sane on the long days when Andrew is at work. Neighbors stopping by just to check on us, friends and family bringing meals and sticking around to hold the baby while I feed or change J, or to play with my big girl for a while so I can do laundry, dishes, diapers, whatever.

Jenny stopped in last week, a favorite visitor at anytime but this time with a camera in tow. I love my girls, and I think you can see they're off to a very good start on loving each other.


  1. You all make a wonderful bundle of love, thanks for posting the beautiful pictures. I am so excited for you all. You must be so exhausted but it's wonderful to see you all together. Wishing you some good nights and energy and lots more visitors (sounds like you have great ones).

  2. wish I could stop by and give you an extra set of hands for a bit... but that's a long stretch. happy to see you and your adorable family pics. blessings :)

  3. I'm usually a lurker, but wanted to come out of woodwork to say your girls are beautiful! Watching the bond develop between our two boys has been the most amazing experience -- how quickly and completely the mutual adoration starts. Enjoy the journey!