Monday, October 17, 2011

Two months old!!!

S smiling at big sister.
My baby is two months old today! (or, likely yesterday for many of you reading this in the morning tomorrow) We're so so completely in love with our darling second-born it's nuts.  This also means she has been with us for over five weeks. I remember now how quickly it seemed like J hit her first milestones because we came in a little after her beginning - with S it seems even quicker. But it's every bit as sweet.

working it at the gym
 She is smiling now, and cooing up a storm during her happy times. S is so much more alert than the noodly and, I think, somewhat shell-shocked little infant we met in early September. She is content to sit without being held for longer stretches - yesterday she played on her baby gym happily for almost 45 minutes while big sister orbited around her and I folded clothes. (the ones behind the gorgeous babies in that photo above.)

So internet, I have a question for you on this, the occasion of my second child's second month birthday, just days before the day my first child turns two years old. You may have noticed that I haven't been posting all that much since S came into our lives. This is, of course, totally normal given the insanity of two under two and whatnot. But I'm finding that while I don't lack material I do lack focus. So here's my question - what do you want me to write about? Are you more interested in posts about our space and how it's changing or our experience of it is changing? Or plan vs. reality posts for second baby? Or reflections on adoption and how my views have changed or not since this second one? Or just general updates? Or do you have a question for me that you've been wondering about and would like me to answer? Comment and let me know - I'll try to get to everything anyone requests. I know that most of you out there who read don't comment, which is completely fine with me. But if you're inclined now would be a good time!

And let's end with comparison photos of the girls! I find myself often looking back through our photo archives to find pictures of J that match up with where S is now and looking for similarities and differences. It is an amazing thing, and something that in all of the options Andrew and I explored for family building never really made it into any plan: children who bear a familial resemblance to each other.
baby S, two months old and smiling at Daddy.
Baby J, same age and also I think looking at her Dad.


  1. I would love to hear post covering all of those ideas. I love to hear about family life and about your mother instincts and the issues of motherhood - especially as it pertains to parenting adopted children, but just hearing about your life is an encouragement as my husband and I continue with our home study and begin our wait to be matched. You have a beautiful family!

  2. I'd be interested to hear your reflections on the intersection between motherhood and your studies. Are you still in classes or taking a break for the time being? I'm a brand new mom and in my 3rd year of an mdiv at CDSP, so I'd guess we're navigating some of the same waters. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

  3. I love hearing about all of it - how the girls are growing up, how you are doing etc.

    PS - love the pics, how grown up is J and S is gorgeous!

  4. I've been reading for a while, and I'd love to hear anything you are up for sharing...which I guess is not terribly helpful in terms of narrowing things down....

    I'm intrigued by your comments here about raising kids who are adopted but are biologically related to each other, and would love to hear more about how that plays out over time. Also curious about the race piece of things, and if there have been any changes in how strangers percieve you when there's now two kiddoes. My partner and I are moving towards having a second kid, so anything you can tell us about life with a newborn+toddler would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  5. I love hearing about adoption and parenting issues; but when you have time of course!

  6. hi friend! i love reading everything you write, and appreciate and value updates in every aspect of your life.
    i especially am interested in your continued study of the transracially adopted child's bill of rights.
    i love you!

  7. Hi Dear,

    yes, all of that sounds good. i think the posts i find most compelling of yours are the ones where you explore something which surprised you or which you have come to think of a topic differently. i like your process of thinking through things and you write about it with nice clarity.

    the small space living you do is impressive, so perhaps people with less exposure to it than i would benefit from understanding some of your cool innovations.

    and the side by side (at the same ages) pictures are pretty amazing!

    it is all super though!

  8. No surprise here - I want to see lots of photos!

  9. Totally agree with Kate. I also like your reflections on race. I am in a similar situation - my daughter is bi-racial and we're not. We too are a family formed through adoption. Really enjoy your writing! Keep it up, when you can.

  10. I just love reading about your family Beth!!! :)

    I'm so happy for you and Andrew and your babies are just gorgeous.

    I do love reading about your small space living. We have way too much crap in our decent size house and we have trouble cramming it all in here! I can't imagine how you do it, but if you can do it I can and would love tips! :) Love you!

  11. Congrats Alissa and Andrew!!!! your girls are beautiful and can't wait to see you guys soon and meet your new little lady and can't believe our big girls are turning 2!!! We HAVE so much to catch up on and I agree with the posts above, still love to read your insights on parenthood, adoption and multi-racial families. The girls look so much alike it give me goosebumps, it is so special!

  12. I would love to hear about all of your topics. I'm especially interested in your changing space - we are also working in a relatively small space.

  13. DANG IT!!!! I KNEW I was missing huge, exciting, phenomenal things happening in the world when I stopped reading blogs all the time!!!! BIGGEST AND MOST BELATED CONGRATULATIONS!!! (and I feel like an idiot :))