Friday, November 25, 2011


We are on the peninsula with Andrew's family. Really, truly, they are my family too. I realized this, not for the first time but again, on Thanksgiving day when I arrived without Andrew. He had to work that night. I had my two girls in tow, both of them tired from the two hour drive in the rain that I gave them instead of a nap. Holidays are hard on kids. I learn this over and over every year. So there we were, the tired three of us and an hour later I realized that I was relaxed. I didn't need to worry about where J was or who was holding S. I continue to be amazed by how powerfully cared for I feel when those who are close to us actively love on my kids. Sure they were a mess by the end of the evening but even then Grandma put J to bed in their room and all I had to worry about was snuggling my littlest one to sleep.

Sometimes making a list of all the things I am thankful for feels like bragging. Hopefully I remember to say thank you to the extensive network of support that continually lavishes us with care. Most of what I am thankful for stems from there. Including the obvious stuff, which I say a small prayer of thanks and wonder for every day.


  1. Precious! Your girls are beautiful, healthy and love your Thanksgiving post/picture! Thinking of you guys on Thanksgiving when we count our blessings this year also. Our 2yr olds and newborns are true testaments of what we're thankful for... Luvs to you all!

  2. Hi Alissa

    Great photo.
    Your daughters look very cute.

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