Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Christmas!

On the fifth day of Christmas I finally got around to blogging about it!
helping Daddy trim the tree
We are having a wonderful Christmas season, full of family and fun. J is old enough to be excited and enjoy things like Christmas lights, presents and sugary treats although she's not quite in a place where she understands just why we're getting to do/get/give/eat all this fun stuff. Because of this, and because I remember how crazy-making the holiday schedule was for her last year in terms of sleeping and naps we kept things fairly mellow for the first part of Advent. I buckled and we got a tree mid-December instead of waiting for Christmas Eve, and I don't regret it. It was fun to take the girls to pick one out and spend an afternoon decorating and listening to Christmas music on the record player.

We had a couple fun outings in the weeks leading up to the holiday as well, both of which had riding opportunities! We checked out Zoo Lights with Andrew's family at the zoo in Tacoma, and J rocked the camel rides. We only noticed it was for people three years old and up after we got off! She wanted to stay on the camel and go again.

Then the next week we took a drive up north and met up with my brother and his family for a Lights of Christmas extravaganza that a campground puts on up in Stanwood, WA. That was also extremely fun, if cold. They had free pony rides for anyone under four feet tall (the pony wrangler asked me how old S was and when I told him informed me that the youngest kid they'd ever put on the pony rides was 4 months old. I told him maybe next year.) J did a great job on her own on the pony with Andrew walking next to her and immediately asked to go again. This could have been our entire evening, but we cut her off after two rides.

S likes him, though!
 And that was it for us until Christmas weekend, which we spent on the peninsula with Andrew's family. This was the first Christmas in years that I haven't had church responsibilities (my internship gave me the weekend off) and while I missed going to church it was nice to finally make the big family Christmas Eve event that my husband's grandparents host each year. It was a night full of fun, food, and children that ended with exhausted babies and parents collapsing at my in-laws for a good night of sleep. We did presents there on the first Christmas morning, and spent the day lounging about in jammies and playing with their new baby kitten. Who J is inexplicably terrified of.

We did our little family Christmas yesterday morning on the fourth day - stockings for the girls and a big lovely present for J (S is too little to care and ultimately it's for her too), a new kitchen! She put it too immediate good use, and has been cooking up a storm ever since. Mostly soup (or possibly "syrup" as those are both important food groups for J and it is very difficult to tell which one she is asking for/about at any given time.)

In other news one of my out of town besties came to visit and brought her new husband along which was fabulous. Hers was one of two important weddings that I missed because of baby S's arrival and it was wonderful to spend some quality time with D+D, as I shall now dub them. (you're welcome.)

Also, I got a haircut and realized that many folks have never known me with short hair, especially around this part of the internet. I've had long-ish hair since this blog began. This makes me think that perhaps a photographic hair retrospective is in order, perhaps around birthdaversary time. I am loving having short hair again, though dreading the comments about getting a "mom haircut" which this is not. Although I will concede that S pulling constantly on my hair may have had something to do with the timing.
Happy Christmas Baby!

All in all I hope that your world is peaceful as we all wend our way toward the end of 2011 toward a new year. I am grateful for the perspectives of those who read here, and for the time each of you invest in me, and in us.

Happy Holidays from A+A+J+S! 
(A+A+fam? A+A family? We need a new nickname.)
Christmas Eve 2011


  1. Thanks for the lovely round-up, it's great to see all the pictures and hear about your first Xmas with S as well as the beautiful J. It sounds like a good Christmas for all of you, it looks as if you are all shining. That photo at the end is totally lovely, even if I didn't 'know' who you all were I would have enjoyed looking at it, it's a nice setting but the group of you in it make a special picture, the sort that deserves pause and maybe a nice frame.

    I hadn't seen your short hair before and I didn't know that your name is Alissabeth! I like them both. I hope that your new year is as wonderful as it looks like your Christmas was, I've no idea how you accomplished so many visits and outings with 2 little ones but you all look good on it. x

  2. I love, love, LOVE the last picture!

  3. Sounds like a lovely christmas. The last picture is gorgeous. "Mom haircut?" Didn't you post pictures of you in a similar cut from when you were in a band? Kids are so cute and getting big! :)

  4. love the last photo and love the short hair!

  5. I LOVE the lights of Christmas!! 2011 was our first year going ( we live on Whidbey) and the horses were a huge hit for my older kiddo but our you her one was only 2 months old so I completely understand that part although they offered to let her sit with us holding her for a picture :)