Tuesday, January 24, 2012

B is for...

One of the most elegant women I know sent me a poem in a blue hardcover book with illustrations of rain boots inside.

The poem is called B. 

She sent it because my little S was baptized on Sunday, the same day that her own first grandchild was also "sealed as Christ's own forever." (that quote is the part of the baptism liturgy that freaks Andrew out the most. I love it, which tells you something about how each of us feels about being "sealed forever.")

It's the sort of poem I'll read over and over and I'll probably cry every time.

Just like I do when I look at pictures from J's baptism, or re-read my own blog entries in the days after I met each of my daughters. Or, sometimes, just how I do when I stop and feel how it is to be me in this basement condo that is somehow full of energy and light. I have so much to do it's ridiculous and yet...someone sent me a poem today. What a wonderful life. ♥

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