Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Five Months!

Oh, hey - somebody is growing up fast!!! 

I haven't had a ton of time to blog lately what with school starting up, maternity leave over, a couple new jobs underway and new shows back on TV. But things are going along smashingly. Baby S continues to be the smiley-est baby in the universe, bestowing her grace-and-light-filled, "hey I am glad to see YOU!!" smile on just about every human being with a face who is lucky enough to make eye contact with her. She is flipping both ways now and has recently located her feet. So she has a lot going on too, what with the flipping over and eating her feet and so forth. S and J continue, over a week in, to be a co-sleeping powerhouse. You can see that J's toddler bed is up next to S's crib and J takes her responsibilities as oldest sib in the room quite seriously, usually popping up to check on her baby several times before settling down to sleep herself. Interestingly, the state of said baby seems to be irrelevant. A couple times now I've watched on the video monitor as J has fallen peacefully asleep in the midst of the lively upper register shrieking and babbling that S often engages in before going to sleep herself.

There is snow in Seattle today, or there was yesterday and apparently will be tonight. I love snow days here. It's a lovely excuse to hunker down and enjoy hearth, home,and family.


  1. Drool!!! I love it.

    I'm glad the sibling cosleeping is working out well. We're still in the trenches over here, but it's seeming to get slowly better!

  2. OH - those eyes!! Beautiful girl :)

  3. S is so darling and smiley! I can't believe she is already 5 months old. Their sleep arrangement sounds pretty awesome.

  4. Um, this photo is pure bliss. I love it, Alissa.

    ...and I wanted to email you something. Is there a way to contact you? Lemme know. Thanks!