Saturday, February 18, 2012

We're headed out on vacation tomorrow morning, to spend a week with my in-laws on Maui. That over there to your left is a picture from our last trip to their timeshare on the island. Looking at it makes me feel proud, sweet, and sort of old. Now, six years later, I'm headed back to paradise. This time with two kiddos, a much shorter and less blond hairdo and well...let's just say I'm not any thinner.

But on the plus side(haha, get it?? PLUS SIDE?!?) someone amazing made us matching family swimsuits and this time around I have a much better camera. We have big plans to spend most of our time lounging near sand and water, in sunshine, and possibly in the presence of whales.

Have a great week internet! Unless serious blogging inspiration strikes whilst I am away I will see you on the other side of next week.

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  1. What an awesssssome family trip!! Hoping you have a wonderful time with your beautiful girls and all the ohana in paradise! We had a blast taking Isa last April and can't wait to take both babies this year! We have found it is a wonderful place for multi-racial families like ours, very peaceful and spiritual open minded ohana there:) Love and much Aloha, Melissa