Wednesday, March 28, 2012

for your information

As if the excitement of Birthdaversary week isn't enough, this is also the first week of Spring Quarter. This means I am back in school after two weeks of no classes, something I hardly even noticed in the whirlwind that is my life just right now. It didn't help that I spent a good chunk of the break laid up with a staph infection (what the heck, universe?!) or that a couple of my jobs magically produced extra work during that time.

But - all of that is tangential to this post. I am very excited about one of my classes this quarter - Religions of the Book. It is, according to the syllabus, "an introduction to the historical environment and central traditions of the Hebrew Bible, New Testament and Qur’ān." Really, it's a great chance to be in dialogue with all three traditions and there is a ton to learn. 

I'm still not to the point of this post yet, though, but here it is: our professor requires each student to keep a blog while in the class.  This could be intimidating (a couple folks were pretty confused about how to go about it) but I think it's a great idea. I've been in classes that required "journaling" and that was never successful for me. I'd just write the whole thing at the last minute. This will be better, and a great way for me to get thoughts out as we go through. 

I don't expect this to be interesting to anyone who reads here, but if you are interested in reading through my reflections on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as I learn about each - especially Islam which I've had no formal education on - you are invited to! I'll be writing about it at Speaking of Stars, which is the title of a poem by Yakov Azriel, a Jewish poet. The poem is about God's promise to Abraham, a sacred story that all three religions share. Any and all are welcome! (and I'll still be blogging about all the truly important things, like babyteeth and birthdaversaries, here.)

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  1. It's wonderful that your classes are exciting and inspiring to you. I know very little about all this but as an educator I'm interested in seeing how the use of blogging works out in that context. I like reading your thoughts so I will make sure that I have a look.x