Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday my love

 It's late on Monday night and the dishwasher is running. Andrew is at work tonight, so he doesn't know that I spent most of my evening coddling an angel food cake into existence. When Andrew and I got engaged his mother pulled me aside and told me that she was not going to buy his converse or his underwear anymore and she wouldn't be baking his birthday cake. That was my job now, and he would be expecting angel food.

photo by Jenny J.
 I've written here every year about my husband, how wonderful he is, and how his birthday kicks off our birthdaversary week. Andrew turns 32 tomorrow which means that on Friday I'll be 34 and a week from today, Monday, our marriage will be seven. Three years ago I posted his baby photos, and two years ago a retrospective of my favorite pictures from his musical career. Last year it was all about Jubilee and his first year as a dad.
 So tonight I went trolling through our photo archives, looking for my favorite photos of Andrew to post here for his birthday. Looking through the year I noticed that there are fewer photos of him that in years past. Fewer photos in general as this year has covered the transition of our J into full fledged toddlerhood, and the arrival of sweet little S. This picture here on the left was taken a day or two before we got the call about her. Andrew wasn't convinced that a second baby was the right choice for us. He was honest about his doubts. But when I called him at work that sunny August afternoon and told him that she was here he just said "Okay. I'm in." And that was that.
The first picture I took on our first morning with S. I can't quite tell you why, but it is one of my favorite photos from that time.

 Something I notice about my favorite photos this year - Andrew's not looking at the camera in any of them. He's a busy guy and his life is full. Mostly it's full of our kids, and I think this is what I love about this year and about the way life with this particular person is turning out. I often find myself pausing in the doorway just to watch the three of them play. I love to hand him the baby when he gets home from work, not because I don't want to hold her but because it feels so good to watch her light up when she sees his face.
photo by Rosemary Wagner
 This is not the most coherant Birthdaversary post I've ever composed. But I want to tell you that while converse and boxer shorts are not difficult to procure, an angel food cake is no easy task. There are all sorts of things that could go wrong, one has to measure two different kinds of sugar and fold in the flour without overmixing and beat the egg whites just enough and do special things to the batter with a metal (why a metal??) spatula and even when it is baked it isn't done because the darn thing needs to be somehow hung upside down without touching the counter for several hours to cool. It is a process, and one that is not exactly fully in my established skill set.

But I love to do it. Because for this guy, who wouldn't?

Happy Birthday Andrew. You have my permission to eat the whole thing in one sitting when you get home.


  1. Beautiful blog post. Your family is gorgeous and blessed. Happy birthday and anniversary to you both!

  2. Gorgeous post. Happy Birthdaversary to you both. :)

  3. *sniff* ...beautiful. Love you all! Happy birthdaversary to all of you!

  4. Such a sweet time to be celebrating! Congrats and many Happy, Happy's to you all!

  5. Have a great birthdaversary everyone and I hope that the angel food cake went well. I have no idea what that kind of cake is but I will have to find out now. I love the picture of Andrew with little S lying on his tummy all relaxed. Enjoy all of your celebrations together, x