Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Birthda-geek-aversary to me!!

I turned thirty-four on Friday and to be honest I barely noticed. I celebrated, don't get me wrong there was cake everywhere this week and all of it delicious, but I don't feel older or different or happy or sad. I like that my birthday is in the middle of our special week of fun because there's no pressure to make the day of it anything in particular - we have fun before and after and during our Birthdaversary and that works really well for me.

As it turns out, this years Emerald City Comicon was also this weekend. Hello amazing birthday present to me!!! So Friday afternoon Andrew and I headed downtown just us and my parents who happened to be in town came and watched the girls. We did all the grown-up stuff that the wee ones would never stand for, like spend an hour looking through comic bins and going to panels and wandering slowly hand in hand through the convention center people watching and planning for Saturday.

Admiral Adama stole my baby! (Was I jealous? Little bit.)
Then Saturday we were totally one of those crazy couples who dragged two small children to Comicon. We have taken J the past two years but obviously this is our first attempt at managing a day with two kiddos. We have, however, been paying attention to how other people do it and I think we did a good job. There were a couple things that were different. For example, you will notice there are only two pictures in this post and they are the ones we paid someone else to take of us.  In past years we have done a lot of posing with costumed folks and candid shots and whatnot. Turns out that J is still not comfortable with people in scary costumes, though she did make a sort of desperate peace with the stormtroopers who were simply inescapable. She offered them high fives to move along. So we didn't push that. She's got time to overcome her completely reasonable instinctual response and grow into the idea that posing with a giant sword-wielding alien is actually really cool.  This, combined with our decision to wear both kids and leave the stroller at home simply left us with not enough time/arms/willingness to traumatize our child to do a bunch of picture taking. But these two photos were worth it.
 We also couldn't do as many lines or panels now that J has her own priorities and ideas, but that was fine with us - we had Friday for that. And there was so much to see that simply walking around and looking at the banners, art, and cosplay was a super fun time for all four of us.

We met Edward James Olmos first, and he was so adorable. He went straight for S and loved all over her before he would let the picture people corral us over to get the photo. The way to any mama's heart is to love on her kids so suffice to say I will love him forever and ever until the end of time.
And George Takei was equally amazing - friendly and taking time to say hi to the girls even though you only get five seconds with the celebrities before you are moved along. I have so much respect for him as a person as well love for his iconic role in my beloved Star Trek.

Also you will see, as I did, just exactly why my photographer friends are always telling me to lower my chin in pictures. I finally put two and two together and achieved the impossible - looking good in a famous geek person photograph. (alas, too late for Olmos..) Yay me!!!

Why yes, we do plan to continue the tradition of collecting awkward family photos with comicon celebrity guests why do you ask? I think it's the sort of eccentric that our girls will look back on fondly someday. Probably someday long after their teen years are well behind them.

Well tomorrow is the last day of the Birthdaversary. One more post, dear readers, and then we will return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. Parenting done right!! Please adopt me I am potty trained :)