Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring is here, summer is coming....

Spring is here and summer is coming, we can feel it. Especially today with the cloud-free sky and our alley garden both planted and watered. 

 When it comes to watering, J isn't messing around. She takes it seriously.

But not our S. She doesn't take anything seriously, especially not spring. (or, at this very moment napping. She is not taking that very seriously at ALL.)

I'll admit that this is the time of year when I dream about a very specific sort of summer, the sort that never really happens but always might. It's a summer with long lazy afternoons and days at a time spent at Grandma's house, where things look like this:

But even before then there are spring things to be done, lots of which are not just worth doing but also worth looking forward to. I am co-presenting a paper at a real live academic conference, and we're turning it into a family road trip for one. And of course we're planning to take a certain not-currently-napping baby to court, for another.

Spring is here. (summer is coming)


  1. Wow, spring looks wonderful there, bright and beautiful. And S is growing up so fast! Lovely to see you all getting out doors and good luck with the conference presentation.x

  2. I know, weather in Seattle lately has been absolutely delicious. We're planning our summer too. It never works out completely as planned, but somehow the preparations for an anticipation of summer helps get me through the winter too.