Friday, July 27, 2012

Sunny days

Do you ever wake up one day and realize that you appear to have taken a hiatus from blogging? This is basically what's happened to me. Or, more accurately, I discovered Friday Night Lights on Netflix and my brain moved to the fictional town of Dillon, Texas during any and all unscheduled down times for the past several weeks. Now that's over I am faced with the choice between forlornly googling random information on a tv show that was canceled a couple years ago or doing as many have done and moving on. So here I am, back at the blogging!

But, really and actually - June was crazy 'round these parts, what with friends and family in town, me out of town on various work engagements, school ending, internship ending, and my job at UW ending. I needed some serious downtime to recover and July has given that to me in a number of ways. Here's a quick summation of what we've been up to:

  • LOTS of time outside. We get plenty of sunlight during the PNW summer and we've been doing all that we can as a family to use it up. There's a new giant ferris wheel downtown, we have a zoo membership, and there are all sorts of adventures just a ferry ride away from the city. We haven't had the sunniest July in memory but that hasn't stopped us. 
  • multiple trips to the peninsula - it's getting so if we don't hit up Grandma and Bobo's house or Grandpa's house toward the weekend J gets to feeling cheated. Both places have killer views of mountains and water, extra hands for baby chasing, and tons of room for kids to run and play. I love it because with or without Andrew all I have to do is show up, throw the kids outside with a grandparent or two and kick back. 
  • reconnecting with our building "family" and other friends. One of the hardest parts for me about being crazypants busy most of the year is how out-of-touch I start feeling with my people.  I remember telling a friend once that I would have to move away to go to grad school because otherwise I'd feel like a horrible friend for choosing academics over the many important relationships in my Seattle life. I didn't go away but I did realize that most everyone can get along just fine without me when they must and not stop loving me just because I have homework to do (yay emotional maturity and self differentiation!). But darnit, I miss the people I love and I have enjoyed being with them more in the past couple of weeks. 
some of the awesome people we live with.
watering the garden
  • Potty training! Andrew and I had been planning for months to take advantage of some of our summer down time to get J out of diapers and it's going quite well. It took about three days for her to get the big idea down and then she's spent the past three weeks practicing and honing her new skills. We're on day three no accidents at this point, which feels pretty good for everyone involved. 
  • Alley gardening - Andrew and J harvested  our first good size zucchini yesterday, and we actually have ripe tomatoes already, not too shabby for what has been a fairly cloudy Seattle summer. It even appears the raspberry bushes might give us some fruit, which is very exciting. 
  • Preschool for J! The girls' daycare (oh yes, and S has started also going to daycare two days a week, big girl!) has a preschool and our oldest started attending at the beginning of summer. Reports are that she is doing great, despite being the youngest in there at the moment, and was more than ready socially for that sort of more structured interaction. I am very proud of her.
  • Getting ready for someone's big first birthday - It's hard to believe our wee baby S is going to be a year old in less than a month. What-when-how-holyohmygoodness that went fast! She is barreling along at light speed these days, not just through time but also space as she speed crawls everywhere, with no regard for her own personal safety. S is pulling up, cruising, sprouting a new pair of teeth every week, it seems (we are up to a total of eight teeth!) and working hard to feed herself. She also plays a mean game of peekaboo. And by "mean" I meant to say "heartstoppingly adorable."

In the weeks to come I'm going to get out of town with my man for a weekend (just the two of us! the glory!!), celebrate my baby's first birthday, get back to my running plan (I broke a pinky toe, which slowed things down considerably, but feeling back on track) and do lots of outdoor play dates, park trips, farmer's market outings, and the like. 

And blog a little more. Yeah, I'm gonna get back to that.


  1. Great to hear from you and know that the whole family continues to bloom. Your girls are looking wonderful as always, I hope that you have a great time celebrating S's birthday and that you have a great holiday with Andrew. It sounds like you're doing plenty of wonderful things together, I hope that your summer continues that way.x

  2. It's so cliche, but it does seem like #2 does grow up faster. I'm completely swept up in Friday Night Lights too - only, we are ridiculously slow at making it through a series. Looks like you're having a lovely, lazy summer. hey, there will be plenty of time to blog soon enough, right?