Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blogging Every Day

I'm going to attempt the blog-every-day-thing that I see many of my brave blog and internet friends attempting in the month of November. I figure - why not? At the least it will be fun, and it may help me get some discipline around writing here.

Blogging every day this month will be a challenge, too. Life is busy and this month includes a holiday and a family vacation in addition to the usual juggling act. But I've also got the Adoption Interview Project coming up, which that's one day right there, and holiday/family time usually sparks a deep thought or two. So here, it is, my first day of writing every day. Woo!

A fun Halloween was had by all around these parts. J went as a lion and we picked out an owl costume for S.  The girls got to trick or treat multiple times, which was nice for me because on the actual night I was working overnight at the hospital and missed the fun.  But one of our amazing neighbors came downstairs after the kids were in bed last night and hung out for a bit so Andrew could come visit me at work.  We went to a pot-luck that his night shift buddies were throwing and had our own oh-my-lord-too-much-sugar hour or so before it was time for him to head home and me to hit up the sleep room.  And the hospital was, for spiritual care, fairly quiet last night.

And we are counting down the days until a week - glorious week!! - of time away. We are going somewhere sunny and corporate and there will be princesses and a special mouse involved. Also, my sole living grandparent is turning 90, and our whole family will be celebrating her. I'm so excited to get away for a bit and enjoy my girls and my family and make some of the brighter memories for a week.

So stay tuned! One thing about blogging every day- I fear as the quantity goes up the quality may go down.  Some days you might just get a picture. Also there will probably be more typos. Y'all will have to let me know when the month is over which one is preferable!
J is doing her version of a posed smile, while S is stunned by the flash.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. That last photo made me giggle. It's cute in its awkwardness (them, you just look cute, lol).