Tuesday, November 13, 2012

well it was a good idea.

Dude, you guys, I must have been a little bit of a crazy person to imagine that I would be able to BLOG through a vacation that included taking two toddlers to Disneyland. I'm sorry for misleading you and for misleading myself!

But, despite my dismal failure at blogging every day in November we had a really wonderful trip. Which in the long run is probably the thing that I'm most likely to remember about this month after all.

Quick recap! We headed off to the city of angels last Monday, where my amazing mother had two condos at her timeshare reserved for the week. Our family shared one with her and her bestie, and my brother's family got the other one. This was a good arrangement for us - my brother and sister-in-law got to have their own bedroom but I got to have my mother for late night chats. So basically I won.

The week included a visit with one of my sweet heart-friends on Tuesday, Disneyland on Wednesday and Friday with a break day in between and then a huge family reunion day on Saturday in celebration of my Gran's 90th birthday. I cannot tell you how comforting it is to have a relative who is 90 years old.

Here are some photo highlights:
This guy - one of my sweetest and dearest friends.
J's favorite part of Disneyland was meeting and hugging characters - she finally learned how to smile for the camera!
S loved everything - here she is on the big carousel.
just some of us at Gran's party - where the kids behaved themselves quite beautifully. 

One of the best parts, for me, was Gran's decision to share some of the hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos she has amassed over the years in her self-appointed role as family photographer. She presented each of her grandchildren - there are ten of us - with a photo album full of pictures she had taken or acquired of us throughout our childhood. My mother has  yet to relinquish our baby books to us (smart move Mama), but there are copies of many of my favorite pictures in the book Gran made for me. I've easily spent a couple of hours looking through them and am barely resisting the impulse to scan them all and inflict them on Facebook. I'll save them for another post and bring this one to an end.

As fun as vacation was it is good to be back home. The girls each did some marathon sleeping sessions as part of their recovery process, and I should do the same.

Stay tuned in the morning for my Adoption Blogger Interview Project Interview!

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